Prototypes and Rare Toys

When Mego released their Black Hole toys, it was near the end of the line for the company. In a 1980 toy catalog for the New York Toy Fair, a number of Blackhole toys were shown, that either were never made or released in limited quantities in Italy only. The walking V.I.N.Cent and the Walkie Talkies were released in Itally. The Radio Control V.I.N.Cent was prototyped and the prototype is in circulation, but that’s all that we’re aware of. It’s unfortunate these toys weren’t actually made becaus several of them are pretty neat looking.

Walking V.I.N.Cent

Radio Controlled V.I.N.Cent

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Walkie Talkie set

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Palamino RC Set

click here for a larger view

Cygnus Bridge Playset

click here for a larger view

Palamino Playset

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  1. Hi, I actually did the Mego commercial for the Cygnus Bridge Playset. It must have been for sale because the commercial was run as a regional or “wildcard” and I received royalties for it. It would be odd that there was a comercial that ran for several months with no product to support it?

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