3 3/4 Inch Figures

Mego released a number of small figures along with the film. In the US, Mego released all the human characters, V.I.N.Cent, Maximillian, and the Sentry robot. They also released a number of other figures in Italy, S.T.A.R., Old B.O.B., and the Humanoid. The foreign figures are highly sought after and command very high prices. The humans are easily found carded or loose in good shape low prices. All of the robots, however, tend to range upward on the price scale and are harder to find.

Harry Booth

Alex Durant

Captain Dan Holland

Kate McCray

John Pizer

Hans Reinhardt

Maximillian on Italian Card

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Old B.O.B. on Italian card

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S.T.A.R. on Italian card

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Sentry Robot on Italian card

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V.I.N.Cent on Italian card

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LaserScope Fighter

No, this isn’t a figure, it’s the only playset that was ever made for Mego’s small guys. This is another Black Hole toy that was only released in Italy. Continuing their long tradition of recycling toys, the LaserScope was also released as part of the Buck Rogers line of toys.

US Card Back

Italian Card Back

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3 thoughts on “3 3/4 Inch Figures”

  1. i just picked up an afa 90 s.t.a.r. figure on ebay, an amazing piece! there is a carded humanoid that keeps popping up, but i don’t have 6000.00 plus to buy it!

  2. I noticed they have a TM on Humanoid. Did they really think they could trademark the word humanoid?

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