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Electronic Star Laser Gun

Another fun raygun find from 1977 by Vanity Fair toys. It’s basically a flashlight with sound effects and colored disks to change up the laser beam color. 

Space Invaders Toys

Some unusual finds at the toy show. These 1979 Space Invaders items are shaped like the iconic invading aliens,  it unlike their inspiration, are quite helpful at opening a beer bottle or finding your keys…

Batman Clock

The Blue and Gray is my favorite era of Batman and Robin. This particular clock is an 80s era item, but it still delivers that 70s vibe.  

Wiggly Weirdies

From the same genre as Thing Maker codes Wiggly Weirdies, Hasbro’s entry into the make-you-own toy category. I like how they took it one step further with the whole mad scientist lab as a backdrop.   

Spider-Man Knock Off

I have an enduring love of all things bootleg and knock-off. I found this Mego-like Super Powers Spider-Man figure at a toy show. I love how the characters in the background don’t have their logos on the uniforms.  

Starkist Charlie the Tuna Phone

Sticking with a food theme, a Starkist Charlie the Tuna phone. The 70’s had such awesome food mascots.