Space 1999

Space 1999Mattel is probably better known for the gigantic Eagle One spaceship from the Gerry Anderson show Space 1999 than for their 9″ action figures, but these Mego-like figures are highly detailed, well made and pretty cool.

Mego had their own (very rare) line of Space 1999 8″ figures which covered a wider range of characters, but Mattel chose to focus on the main three characters of the show, Commander John Koenig (Martin Landau,) Dr. Helena Russell (Barbara Bain,) and Alan Carter (Nick Tate.)

Each figure came with their own communicator and stunner that fit nicely into a utility belt, but not their hands, which were formed in a sort of karate chop shape – no opposable thumbs. As you can see from the picture, they each had a unique outfit as well, with gold piping down one side.

Mattel also made a large Moonrise Alpha playset for the figures, with bridge and light up graphics.

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