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Madelman’s line of Mego-like 8-inch sci-fi action figures is one of the neatest toys you haven’t seen. My father is from Spain, and as a kid I traveled abroad quite a bit and got to see a lot of toys that weren’t available or marketed in the States. They are superficially similar to Mego’s 8 inch lines, but Madelman paid a lot more attention to detail on the outfits and accessories than did Mego, and produced figures in a much wider range of themes, covering everything from Safaris to the wild west and outer space. The only bad thing about Madelman is that they break pretty easily.

Given my enduring fascination with science fiction, the Cosmic line of figures was my favorite. Madelman produced both human space explorers, or “Astronave,” and some rather evil looking aliens. Both came with some very cool weapons and accessories. Madelman also produced a ship, the “M7X Astronave” for the explorers to go exploring in.

Madelman also made a number of figures based on the 2001: Space Odyssey astronauts. Although also sci-fi themed, they were not a part of the Cosmic line.

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    1. No idea (I’ve never had one.) But…if you should ever take photos of the one you have and want to see them posted here…(hint hint.)

      1. I now believe the handle/,trigger is a dynamo or generator; by working this the juice goes to the bulb. Now to find a replacement bulb and missiles! I ‘ ll try and get pics of it on here……

  1. Hi!
    I have a Madelman Astro Lander. I cannot figure out the production date and I am unable to read anything on the box. Lol. Would you happen to have any info?

  2. I have a Madelman Cosmic Astronave M7X, recently rediscovered at my parents’ house. It was a favourite toy when I was a kid. There were no batteries, its a dynamo in the handle that makes the front light work. Unfortunately the missiles are also missing from mine. I believe the production date was between 1978 and 1980.

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