Zee Toys Firebirds

My mom was great about buying me neat little sci fi themed stocking stuffers at Christmas time. Some of these little babies made their way in one year.

Behold the wonder that is the knock off. Sort of. Based not too loosely on Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds Supermarionation series, Zee Toys Firebirds were futuristic die cast racers, not unlike a Hot Wheels car. Zee Toys is also the maker of one of my favorite toy lines, Metal Men.

To my knowledge, there were five toys in this line, Firebirds 1, 2 and 3, and two variations of Space Missile. There was also a Space Launcher for sending the Missiles on their merry way.

Just for reference, I’ve thrown in an actual Thunderbirds die cast ship.

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  1. I had the Firebird 1 with “USAF” printed on it. Wish I still had it, purely for nostalgia value. One of my earliest toys!

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