Black Hole

Disney’s The Black Hole was a commercial failure as a film, and as a toy line for Mego. Although Black Hole toys sell for a premium today, they were bargain bin toss aways shortly after their initial release, despite the fact that they were some of the better manufactured toys to come out of Mego at this time.

There were three different kinds of Black Hole toys. From Mego came the usual 3 3/4 inch figures which had become a staple of Mego’s franchise tie ins, and the 13 inch dolls.

The small figures covered all the major human characters, as well as the robots that were really the stars of the film. V.I.N.Cent, Old B.O.B, Maximillian, the Sentry robots and S.T.A.R. were all extremely articulated, well detailed, and now, difficult to find, especially S.T.A.R. and Old B.O.B. Another of the more difficult to find small figures is the Humanoid, although almost any figure can be had on the card if one is patient.

Dolls were made only of the human characters, and suffer from a variety of poor manufacturing problems, including their faces turning gray and the rivets in the joints corroding. The dolls can more often than not be found still in the box for relatively little.

The third group of Black Hole toys came from GiG in Italy. These toys are similar to the Takara and Mego magnemo 11 magnetic ball and joint toys like Baron Karza. S.T.A.R., V.I.N.Cent and Maximillian were all made as part of this line. The magnetic robots are all about 4 to 6 inches in height, are finely detailed and expensive, fetching as much as $150 on eBay.

Of course, a line of games, lunch boxes and the usually supporting licensed items were also released for the film.

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  1. I had VINcent, Maximillian, and the Sentry Robots. I didn’t even know about BOB! It was one of my fav. movies! I even had a comic that was a continuation of the movie, it was very freaky once they went thur the Black hole! Max. talked, but it does explain better at the end, a lot of people claim that the ending with main bad guy inside Max. and them in the black hole, the comic states they are in Hell, event horizon to be exact!

  2. Maximillian was the best. Vincent wasn’t bad. The sentries were kind of blah.

    Just saw the film again last night. Kind of fun, but the film did fall kind of flat.

  3. Hello, was searching through my loft and i found a V.I.N.Cent figure. Its not in its bubble pack, and its r/h gun has been glued back in to place, but otherwise intact.

    Question, how much are these things elling for and where would be a good place?

  4. Great site you’ve got here. I’ve recently decided to re-acquire the 3 3/4 inch figures from the Black Hole. Anyone know where I can get a loose old Bob? 🙂

    Shame on me, I had the chance to load up on the series 2 figures but passed on them as a kid in 1981. Star, Humanoid and Old Bob….tons of them at the local Woolco store (I’m Canadian) for only .97 cents a piece.

    Now, I’ll have to pay a premium to own bob and star and will likely never own a humanoid due to it’s insane level of rarity.

  5. I had all the smaller Black Hole figures as a kid (a younger brother & sister made sure I didn’t have them long lol). Was never too much a fan of the larger figures, especially since they’re prone to fading & discoloring and broken-in-the-box knees 🙁

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