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The film was a colossal flop, but that didn’t stop Disney from licensing the movie for just about every conceivable product line from lunch boxes to kites and sheets. Some of these items are fairly interesting, but the bulk of these products only die hard Black Hole collectors could care about.

One interesting product is the LaserScope Fighter for the 3 3/4 inch figures. It didn’t appear in the film, is the only ship or toyset for the figures, and was also made for Mego’s Buck Rogers toy line.

Maximillian Model

V.I.N.Cent Model

Laserscope Fighter

Trading Cards


Twin Sheets

Lapel Pin


Gym Bag

Lunch Box

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Board Game

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  1. I have a wall chart with collecting stickers that was issued by CalTex petrol stations in South Africa. I can send you pictures…

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