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Big Trak is definitely one of the more interesting toys of the 70’s. It was basically a programmable tank that you could set to follow specific patterns, like go forward four units, turn right, go forward 10 unit, fire you guns. Using Big Trak was the first time I programmed anything.

From the catalog: “Let Big Trak’s electronic memory treat you to an absolutely spectacular performance. Just punch in your program of commands and watch Big Trak carry them out: moving forward, backward, left and right, up to 99 length units! Order Big Trak to picot into a sharp or wide-angled turn, full circle, or even beyond that. Big Trak can lurk silently before continuing on its course, and can fire either a single shot or a volley from its “photon” cannon. Send Big Trak out of the room, around furniture and other obstacles, and back again! Easy enough for kids to learn, but so much fun, even adults won’t be able to resist. One 9 volt transistor and four 1.5 volt “D” size batteries.”

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Big Trak’s only accessory was the Big Trak Transport, a dump truck like attachment that could be dragged along behind it. From the catalog: “Fascinating companion unit of Big Trak that automatically hooks up to Big Trak’s electronic cicuitry. Watch Big Trak Transport haul loads and suddenly dump them on a pre programmed command. The Transport’s sleek design offers great maneuverability and allows the unit to take turns and corners in stride. A great accessory to a great toy!”

Although the automatic dumping was kind of neat, Transport never really did much for me as a kid.

Big Trak


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  1. I had a Big Trak When was a kid got the Frist day it came out.I like to bye one if any body has one.

  2. I always used to think that the Big Trak looked like the vehicle from “Damnation Alley.” Which, of course, made me want it more.

  3. i forgot about this toy, this is why i like to surf these sites, i may have to try to find one now on ebay! although i never owned it, my cousin did and i was always envious of it! in fact, my cousin was spoiled and had all the great toys from the late seventies/early eighties, now he buys all his vintage stuff from me!

    1. They have re-issued it. I just looked online and found not only old ones on ebay but brand new ones, two sizes too. Big and a Jr. size.

  4. I had one and loved it because of all the attention I got with it. My brother stepped on it and broke it on purpose because he was jealous that it was mine. He always destroyed my toys. I never got over it.

  5. i have a big trak i had it sents 1979 still have the boxs and papers i have the pull along to the transport i had it when i was 16 now im 45 make me a offer maybe ill sale it

  6. Have a Big Trak and a Transporter in box with manuals and decals the were never put on it. Big Trak has a ding in the front base half 1/2 in. by 1/8 in. but everything works. Never been on cement, only carpet (no scrathes on wheels). Transport not operating for some reason but bought at the same time the Big Trak was. will sell for a reasonable price to a good home.

  7. Found Big Trak with transporter in our storage. Has to have been purchsed the first time they were sold. It is complete, batteries were removed before it was stored. Only thing wrong is one decal is wrinkled fron where i had a problem putting it on. any idea fo what it might be worth?

  8. Big Trak was ahead of it’s time!One of the coolest toys ever made! I had it but the transport was broken when I opened it.We took it back to Toys R Us but they had none in stock.I don’t even remember what if anything I got instead of the Transport.In hindsight I should have kept it even broken.

  9. I dont know guys, my cousin mike had the big track,

    I always thought it was a little on the boring side.

    but then so was mike

  10. Wow…….The memories are flooding back, i loved my bigtrak & Starbird, i was 8 ish….. (simple times). 🙁 It was a boring toy after about half an hour but i always went back for more the next day and NOBODY was allowed to touch it lol. It was more for showing off i think..At least i know i found it more interesting when everyone was after a go :-)))

  11. I had a big trak as a kid and it was my favourite toy if any has a mint one with the trailer ill buy it in a second call me @ 226 356 5352

  12. Hey if anyone knows how to get ahold of one let me know. It was a fun and intertaining toy as a child, would like to get one for my grandson.

  13. That reissue is gonna only be a jr size..the original still the best..i just got my transport but not working right…still looks nifty following the Big-T round thr house

  14. 6-22-10

    Have one and would like to sell it…terrific toy but trying to downsize all the old toys. Works and has the book to go with it. No website so ?

  15. hi i have a big track with transport i collect them i am looking for the us 1 wich is grey also looking for the russian 1 wich is white like the uk 1 if any 1 has seen any for sale could you let me no thanks

  16. look on ebay jack i paid just over £100 for mine its hard to find 1 that is in full working order with box they go for £300 upwards they tend to stop turning left and right so if you get 1 do not use it and leave the battiers out of it lol


  18. There’s a Big Trak Jr. that is supposed to be released. See Facbook. I think they have a page there.

  19. does anyone know where I can get instructions on how to program the Big Trak. I found my son’s and would like to give it to my grandson, but don’t know how to program it. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Tracey, I know this is an old post but I was wondering if you ever sold your Big Trac and transporter? I am trying to find one with the transporter for my son. He had one when he was 4 in Italy but some where along our moves it was never found. Now, he is almost 37 and I would really like to find one exactly like he had. His was grey, not the white that I have seen. Would you let m know if you till have it?

  20. I have an original Bigtrak which I bought for my son. I am trying to find a base battery cover and also a battery cover for the top. I would like to see if the vehicle is in working order. I would like to show my grandson what toys where like when his dad was young. Need a spares department but can’t find anything. Any help would be great. Thank you.

  21. Cleaning out my parent’s attic recently I found a cardboard box stamped: Milton Bradley Company, E. Longmeadow, MA. On the box is written: “Big Trak. Never opened. 1983.”

    Assuming what is written on the outside of the box is correct, it is a new, never used Big Trak. Either that, or my parents are running the longest, lowest value con in history.

    I can film the opening of the box to confirm the contents if there are interested parties.

    I don’t think it comes with the trailer / transporter. I think that was sold separately. I recall having a Big Trak when I was a kid, but don’t recall having the attachment.

    I don’t know if it works or not because, as stated, I have yet to break the seal on that box.

    I don’t want to play with it, and I don’t collect vintage toys or games. So I am thinking to sell it. Not sure if an enthusiast website such as this or ebay is the way to go. I’ll check back in a few weeks to see what folks think.

  22. I got a Big Trak one Christmas, I loved it, would use it with my Star Wars action figures, and had a great time! but Bad luck struck, it didn´t last long, all of the sudden, it malfunctioned, it would not register certain commands on the # pad, and it became kind of useless, it only lasted a couple of months, I didn’t tell my parents since they payed a lot for it, maybe they could’ve returned it? I foolishly entered an electronics course when I was real young with the hope of fixing it! but anyway I still have it, as it is a cool looking toy!

  23. Hey all… I had one of these beauties an loved it. That is until my neighbor came over, got behind and pushed it forward, destroying the entire drive mechanism.
    Do these come up on eBay often? Expensive?

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