Six Million Dollar Man

“We can rebuild him.”

And so could thousands of young boys thanks to Kenner’s excellent line of toys for the Six Million Dollar Man TV series.

There was, of course, Steve himself, as well as Jaime Sommers, his erstwhile girlfriend, Oscar Goldman, the sharp dressed boss man, Maskatron, Steve’s more expensive arch enemy, and the character no one could forget, Bionic Bigfoot.

Kenner produced a truly stunning number of accessories for Steve, as well as nearly half a dozen versions of our hero.

As a toy, Steve had it all. A bionic eye you could look through. A bionic arm with pop out bionic modules and roll back elastic skin. A bionic grip that could grab on to items like a steel girder or a motor. With a twist of his head and a push on the lever in his back, Steve could lift damn near anything.

Jaime Sommers started off life as Steve Austin’s girlfriend. But after a nasty accident, Steve had her turned into the Bionic Woman. Unfortunately for Steve, she had amnesia and couldn’t remember him. Fortunately for Jaime, she got her own TV show and a line of toys.

Jaime came decked out with a Bionic Mission purse full of goodies, bionic hearing (whoopie) and hair that was guaranteed to get gross and mangled within a week of being opened.

Kenner was aiming this bionic toy at the girls, with accessories like fasion dresses and a carriage house to play dolls in. Not that Steve and Jaime are anything like Ken and Barbi…

Villains abounded for our intreped bionic pals to go up against. Steve had Maskatron, a fellow bionic man who the OSI spent an extra million on, bringing the total to 7 million. Masky came with three different faces, his own, Steve’s and Oscar Goldman’s, as well as some very cool attachment arms. Jamie had the evil, but sexy, bionic Fembots who, like Maskatron, could remove their faces. Then there was Bionic Bigfoot, who was sort of an enemy, sort of a pal, depending on how you felt like playing that day.


Of course, you can’t forget Oscar Goldman. Oscar was the OSI toadie that was always sending Steve and Jaime into harm’s way. He was also the stylin dude with the hot disco threads. Kenner’s rendition of good ol’ Oscar was pretty much true to the character, with a posh plaid jacket and turtle neck. He did also come with an exploding briefcase, if you didn’t open it the right way, all the documents looked destroyed



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  1. I am wondering if you have a picture of a bionic mans enemy.It was a robot that had wheels and missle launchers.It was in one of the toy catalogs of the 70s.

  2. I had Steve, Oscar, and the Mission table/rocket when I was in Kindergarten. Strangely enough, I remember having one of the Maskatron masks, but never had the figure. Weird. But I used to take Oscar’s clothes and the mask and put them over my Captain America figure. Then Cap could do the Clark Kent reveal! LOL

  3. Maskatron didn’t have wheels but face masks and interchangable arms. Oft ignored is the third issue of the Steve Austin figure with “Biosonic arm.” This is the rarest of the figures. This was the set of boy’s toys to have until Star Wars took over. Gotta love the ’70s.

  4. jkape- You may be referring to the Venus Space Probe (Death Probe). It will come up with a Google image search. Post again and let me know if that is the toy you were thinking of.

  5. I had the 6 million dollar man back when I was little.

    He was very fun to play with. I have no idea what happend to the toy.

    I also had the Bigfoot guy up until a couple years ago when I sold him for $120.

    ( I needed the cash ) and besides Bigfoot was kind of boring

  6. hello, are pulsar and hypnos related whith whith the 6 millions dollars man ?, if yes what is the link ? tv ? comic book? add? or ? does they appear togethet or it’s only for a merchandising cause ?

    thank you for your time and the very web site

    1. Glad you like the site!

      No, Pulsar and Hypnos are not related to SMDM. Totally different line of toys, but still very cool! I don’t have it on the site, but there is a medical bay for Pulsar that is also super cool.

  7. I don’t see it mentioned here, but I also had Oscar Goldman’s office. IIRC it was a cardboard floor and 2 walls with a desk and chair. The desk contained some buzzer switches and using a wire you could connect a trip switch to his wall safe so that if you didn’t turn it off at the desk then the alarm would sound if the safe was opened.

  8. The roll-back skin on this guy’s arms fascinated me when I was a kid. I spent hours staring at the (incredibly exciting) Oxygen Supply Arm in the Penny’s Christmas catalog.

  9. I still have my Steve Austin “action figure” and I also have the Bionic Transport and Repair Station. I’m glad my mom threw those and my G.I. Joe’s into a box for me.

  10. I still have my smdm. And a lot of accessoires.

    Does anyone know a site where I could download copies of the instructions who came with these toys? Or does somebody have any, who would mail me those? I’d like to print them and frame them to show them with the “action figures” 🙂

  11. I have most of the Kenner SMDM toys but am in need of a Bionic Cycle. Also, I barely remember, but I do belive kenner had some sort of SMDM tricycle for toddlers; my brother got one at Christmas of ’77.

  12. Hola amigos, estoy muy interesado en porder adquirir un muñeco del hombre nuclear, asi se llamo la seria en mi pais, por favor les pido me envien la proforma y la forma como poder adquirirlo…..saludos…..hasta pronto

  13. hello womdering if u might b able 2 help me. i have a six million dollar man with new biosonic arm still n the box never open as far as i kno still taped up. my mom brought it an the bionic woman with mission purse. the smdm has copywrite of 1973 an if i understand right its rare 2 find an the bwoman has copywrite of 1974. as i say they r both unopen . she brought them at kmart many years ago an put them up, she resently found them an ask me 2 find out bout them. she is n need of money an im wonderin wat ture value of these might b. an how is best way 2 find buyer. i have found the bionic woman at $199.00,and findly found only 1 six million dollar man with new biosonic arm tat sold last year 4 $530.00. is this wat i need 2 try 4. plz email me any inflo u mayb able 2 give me. thank u

  14. Oh man – I’d forgotten about the roll back skin until I was reading through these posts and Jon mentioned it. I had the Steve doll but don’t think I had any of the others. It was a great toy – lots of hours of playtime seeing how heavy a weight it could lift.

    Man this site brings back memories….

  15. I used to have this pump/motorcycle six million dollar man toy.You pumped it up released a switch and away steve austin would go on his space motorcycle.It seems rare since i cant find it on photos. Can anybody remember this? I would like a picture to see for mine is long time gone.

  16. trying to find any info on the six million dollar man wrist radio.. got for christmas as a kid and have not seen any more.. its just a am radio and it still works.. thanks

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