Maskatron is one of my favorite of all the bionic toys and the one my brother and I fought over most. Lots of accessories, strip away clothing, and a suction punch that would send the Six Million Dollar Man reeling made this one of the coolest bad guys of my youth. This toy is brutally hard to find complete, let alone boxed, and can sell for as much as $175.


Maskatron – Enemy of the Six Million Dollar Man

“Add new realistic competition to your bionic adventures. Shrewd! Strong! He can fool your friends with mask disguises. His robot body is full of electronic pretend gadgetry-two “weapon” arms make him ALMOST invincible! Only you and Steve Austin know where to strike MASKATRON and “pow”-arms, legs-even his head flies off! Dressed in civilian clothes.


MASKATRON has two special weapon arms. Vice grip arm, and super suction arm make him an almost invincible foe of Steve Austin.

MASKATRON face masks make him look like Steve Austin or Oscar.”

Ironically, Maskatron is the only SMDM figure that has a Steve Austin face without a big giant black eye. You’d think that would be enough to identify him, even with his mask. Maskatron had a number of pressure points that Steve could hit to make his arms, legs and head pop off. Sliding locks would keep them in place, but they never really worked well. His back opens up to reveal a cavity in his chest where you can keep his different masks.

5 thoughts on “Maskatron”

  1. Hi, I’ve got the 3 mask’s, head and vice grip arm. In perfect condition and would like to find the whole thing.

  2. I have a maskatron scattered in my attic somewhere. I found his real face and a steve austin mask with the added marker moustache I must have put on as a kid. I know he is in a box somewhere dismembered by the six million dollar man. I still have my six million dollar man sitting on my dresser complete at my mom’s house. The one I never had in this scale was Pulsar and Big Foot, I used Chewbacca for a Big Foot. Gi Joe was just a bit smaller that these guys but the Atomic Man went with them pretty well.

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