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As if Maskatron weren’t enough to deal with, Steve also has to contend with a, yes, Bionic Bigfoot. In the TV series, Bigfoot and Steve start off as enemies but Bigfoot gradually decides Steve is okay and he saves him at the end of the episode.

The same is true in the toy line. On the package we see Steve and Bigfoot going mano a mano, but later toys like the Bigfoot version of the Bionic Mission Vehicle have them palling around like old chums.

Unlike the other Bionic toys, there isn’t much to Bigfoot. His arms and legs move, but he doesn’t have joints at the knees or elbows. His only Bionic feature is a plate that pops off of his chest so that Steve can get a good grip and hoist him into the air. Other than that, though, Bigfoot is a pretty bland toy.

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  1. I have a SMDM Bionic Bigfoot that is the size of the smaller Star Wars & GI Joe Action figs, he is on a yellow snow mobile looking thing, do you know what the official name for this toy was? I have been searching but had no luck. Thanks, Carol

  2. Does it have a geared wheel? like for a rip cord? I vaguely remember this toy but don’t have one, or any pics of one. Very cool!

  3. Hey Rick, I added 2 more pics of the toy. He does have a geared wheel and if you “rev” him up he will go for a short distance before he tips over. I am getting ready to list him on Ebay and was hoping for a little more info before I did. I listed my Venus Space Probe on ebay and have over 20 watchers. I listed the toy on the high end but I had no past sales to use as a gauge. Here is the link to my store if you want to see the Space Probe

    Here is the link to the pics

  4. I am not positive, but I believe it came as part of a set of two rip cord racers, one was Steve Austin, the second Bionic Bigfoot. You use the pull rip cord, sets the wheel spinning, then set it on the ground and watch it go.

    The Venus Space Probe is awesome! I have seen this on ebay before, but never seen it sell for more than ~300. Of course, I haven’t seen one in a long time so that might help drive up the price!

    Would it be ok to put some of those pics on the site to fill in the gaps?

  5. Sure you can use any pics that I have. I plan on lowering the price & relisting the space probe if it doesnt sale. As of right now I have 23 watchers with 2 days left. I was shocked to see that many folks are watching it.

  6. Rick, I wanted to let you know that the Space Probe sold for $475!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am very pleased! I will list the Bionic Bigfoot tonight, thanks for information you provided, I have added it to the auction listing. Thanks, Carol

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