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In general, I’m done collecting toys. My interests were always centered on nostalgia for toys from my youth, and I’ve pretty much reacquired or rediscovered everything I remember or wanted to check out.

I still love toys, wish I had more, but just don’t have the room to add to the collection.

BUT (isn’t there always a but?) I have sort of developed a new interest in vintage ray guns. I had a pretty wide array of them as a kid, from squirt guns to light guns to cap guns to sparkler guns and electronic guns.

I loved ray guns. Always wanted more of them. So Ray Guns are the one exception to my “no new toys” mantra. These pages showcase some of my finds, either via purchase or eBay discovery.

Not every ray gun that stands out as a highly memorable weapon of childhood the way an Atomic Disintegrator does, but there were some wicked cool “space guns” in the 70’s. Below is a visual collection of some great space guns that may not be worthy of a dedicated page on BugEyedMonster, but nonetheless deserve at least a picture shout out. Check the links on the right for more blasters, ray guns, lasers and space guns!


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  1. I bought this Tomy- Shoot out in Space in the early 1970’s from a now defunct toy store nameed Harvey’s Toys in Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York. The gun still works even though the barrel of the gun broke off. I’m missing one of the plastic rockets that was used to launch off the carousel as a photo electric beam form the gun hit the carousel. I have the original box as well.

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