Mazinga Ray Gun Pistol

Another in the “who knew?” category. A Mazinga ray gun and holster. This delightful set was crafted by Italian toymaker Gimpel in 1979. One of my favorite years. I love Mazinga. I so wanted one of those 12 inch Mazinga shoguns as a kid. Didn’t get one. Don’t feel bad though, because I did have an 18 Inch Kenner Alien, which is still way cooler.

Here’s what the set came with

  • Battery operated space pistol
  • Holster with Mazinga robot belt buckle
  • Ammo pouch with Mazinga space craft decal

A special shout out to my new favorite toy dealer, ToyTent, who graciously allowed me to post these images. In the spirit of full disclosure, I have never actually made a purchase from ToyTent, but I’d sure like to. They don’t compensate me in any way for posting these pages on my site. They just have awesome stuff I like to share. You can find this item here.

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