Weirdest ugly doll ever?


I have a strange attraction to Ugly Dolls. They are pretty simplistic stuffed animals, and they are widely ripped off, but i like the way the creator developed unique character templates that get reused. Last year there were the Universal Monster ones, which I loved. This year, DC Comics ones. The DC versions seemed a …

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SDCC 14: Rom the Space Knight


Hasbro showed everybody’s favorite Space Knight some some love at SDCC with a show exclusive Rom the Space Knight…thing. I’ve never understood the fat bodied toy designs. Why make a cool toy into something squat and round? I’m glad Rom is getting some new action (and boy would I love a new comic!) but this …

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Space 1999 Toys


Space 1999 is one of my favorite TV series. The premise is ludicrous – the moon forced out of orbit then zooming through the galaxy – but the ships are just so damn cool. And the writing was pretty good too.

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Tomy Pocket Bots


PocketBots were some of my favorite little toys as a kid. I got them several years in a row as stocking stuffers. They joined the rebellion, of course, and helped the Micronauts and R2D2 fight the Empire.

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Mego CHiPs Ponch

If it was on TV in the 70′s/80′s and people watched it, Mego made it.

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Flashy Flickers Image Picture Gun


Such a useless toy, but still kinda cool. Up there with the SMDM projector, or Star Trek projection phaser.

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Captain & Tennille


How these two ever ended up as toys I will never understand. KISS, that one I sorta understand. But Captain & Tennille?

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Navarone Giant Playset


Marx made the best play sets. Didn’t matter your favorite toy genre – western, sci fi, underwater, or war – Marx made a set with a giant plastic center piece for you. This Navarone set is one of my favorites, with the cannons, ladders, and two sets of army men in classic poses, you could …

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Matchbox Mega-Rig Space Base


Came across this amazingly cool store display at the San Jose Toy Show. I am not generally a Matchbox enthusiast, but this is the kind of toy that could win me over.

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Mork & Mindy


Funny show. Amusing toy. But I didn’t want it as a kid and totally understand why as an adult.

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