Classic Toys Found Here

Identification please

I saw this mini figure on eBay and it tickled a memory in the deep recesses of my brain, but for the life of me I can’t place it. Anyone have an idea?

Robo Strux Batlar

Tomy's Zoids-like Robo Strux toy line

Ice Ice Baby

This one is just for the lulz…

Robo Strux Runna

Tomy's Zoids-like Robo Strux lone of model toys

Robo Strux Kreep

Tomy's Zoids-like Robo Strux toy line

Electronic Star Laser Gun

Raygun from 1977 by Vanity Fair toys

Edison Giocattoli ZX-271 Super Pistola

I don’t collect or buy a lot of toys any more – I mostly have what I want – but I have developed a fondness for the sci-fi guns from Edison Giocattoli of Italy, and Sanchis of Spain. Which is unfortunate because they tend to be pricey. But I juat bought this ZX-271 off eBay … Continue reading Edison Giocattoli ZX-271 Super Pistola

Masters of the Universe Knock Offs

I found these Masters of the Universe knock off toys at a recent toy show. The seller didn’t really know anything about them either, but they are super fun, and easily as cool as any of the genuine MotU toys from back in the day. I particularly loved the battle elephant and the, um, attention to detail … Continue reading Masters of the Universe Knock Offs

The A, B, Zeees on Kickstarter

As some of you know, in addition to having a toy site, I’m a writer. While I usually do comics and novels, I tried something different recently with “The A, B, Zeees,” a zombie alphabet book in the spirit of Edward Gorey’s Gashlycrumb Tinies. It’s up on Kickstarter now. If you like zombies and enjoy … Continue reading The A, B, Zeees on Kickstarter

Sky Rail

I’ve always loved how visions of the future from the past envisioned technological progress that was essentially an improved version of what they had, particularly transportation. This Sky Rail set is no Mego Microrail City, but it does have an awesome vibe. 

Charlie’s Angels

Okay, these toys are probably intended for girls, but I had a huge crush on Kate Jackson and probably would have enjoyed a Charlie’s Angels <> Six Million Dollar Man nonetheless. 

Smokey and the Bandit Playset

ERTL was, hands down, king of  licensed die-cast cars. Take this Smokey and the Bandit set, complete with Trans-Am and elephant. But the bit that really sells it is the play surface the set comes with. The perfect gift for Burt Reynolds fans!

Cap’n Crunch Board Game

The 70s probably had the best selection of sugary breakfast cereals in history. Cookie Crisp. Trix. Count Chocula. Lucky Charms. And, of course, Cap’n Crunch. I definitely ate my fair share of the kooky captain’s beige little balls, but I can’t imagine what made somebody think “Hey, Captain Crunch would be awesome as a board … Continue reading Cap’n Crunch Board Game

Paint by Monster

I don’t know a lot about this Paint by Monster set, but it would have been perfect to go along with my Mighty Men and Monster Maker and Thing Maker toys…

CHiPs Wheels Willy

I’ve seen (and owned) a number of Mego’s licensed figures, but despite enjoying the TV show, never owned and CHiPs toys. I’d seen them, of course, but a couple cop figures just didn’t excite me. Now, if I’d seen Wheels Willy here (who I’m assuming was in the show) I might have changed my mind. … Continue reading CHiPs Wheels Willy

Battlestar Galactica Cylon Shades

One of my favorite things about shows from the 70s and early 80s is how the licensing teams left no stone unturned when it came to merchandising. I can totally see myself wearing these Battlestar Galactica Cylon sunglasses while listening to Devo. 

Telstar Colortron

I have, at one point or another, owned most of the game systems you can hook up to a TV, from the original Pong box to Xbox One, but I’d never seen this particular Coleco product until just recently. While it is a cool piece of video game memorabilia, I feel for whoever has to … Continue reading Telstar Colortron

Space Invaders Toys

Some unusual finds at the toy show. These 1979 Space Invaders items are shaped like the iconic invading aliens,  it unlike their inspiration, are quite helpful at opening a beer bottle or finding your keys…

Ideal Robot Commando

It may not be obvious from the photo, but the Ideal Robot Commando is huge! For a toy anyway. I love the color scheme on this bad boy. And the psycho the robot eyes.  Unfortunately, like so many giant toys, it doesn’t really do much except look really good. 

Diakron Multi-Force 14

From Takara, purveyor of Micronauts, Timanic, Transformers and Microman, comes the fleet of ships on one giant robot Diakron Multi-Force. Check out the back to see how his various limbs and body parts become a huge array of smaller ships. Takara, more than any other company, nailed the transforming bot toy category. It would have … Continue reading Diakron Multi-Force 14

Cosmo Robots

Cool mini robot find from the Time Tunnel Toys San Jose toy show. I’m not at all familiar with the Cosmo Robots line of toys. I’m assuming it is an import given the bilingual packaging. If you know something about it, or others in the series, I’d love to hear from you. 

Micronauts Warp Racer

Lots of new photos in the Micronauts section of the site. Navigate directly to a vehicle or figure for the photos. The Warp Racer, shown here, was my first, and favorite Micronauts vehicle. I loved the wind up engine, cool futuristic design, and the time traveler that came with it. As I received more micros … Continue reading Micronauts Warp Racer

Just added: Microbots

Not a huge update, but I’ve posted a new Microbots page with photos of these largely forgotten tiny construction bots.

Parker Bros. Rom the Space Knight

With the return of Rom the Space Knight to the world of comics courtesy of IDW (god I would kill for that gig…,) I thought I’d update my photos of the silver skinned defender of humanity. I was an avid reader of the comics as a kid and really loved the toy. The combination of … Continue reading Parker Bros. Rom the Space Knight

Mighty Max by Tomy

One of the coolest toys I had as a kid was Tomy’s robotic knight, Mighty Max. Although it’s not related in any way to Micronauts, the chrome head and Japanese influenced design made it feel like a Micronaut when it was play time. Best part about Mighty Max was his versatility. You could disassemble him … Continue reading Mighty Max by Tomy

Buck Rogers Star Fighter Command Center

In retrospect, Buck Rogers was not the best sci-fi show on TV in the 80s. It was sexist, the plots were thin, the effects were canned. But I still really, really liked it and I loved playing with my Buck Rogers figures and in particular, I liked the ships. The Star Fighter and Draconian Raider … Continue reading Buck Rogers Star Fighter Command Center

Site feedback?

I’ve been messing around with the site design a bit lately – mainly trying to make it easier to maintain and make it more mobile friendly. The template I’m using now is a slightly modified “stock” template for WordPress. I’m curious if you folks looking at the site think the current template works as well/is … Continue reading Site feedback?

Mystery Figure

A BEM reader emailed me about this figure asking if I knew what it was. Sadly, I’ve no idea so I’m posting here to see if any of you can identify it.  Everything but the shorts are metal, no markings.   

Creature Features

The board game of Hollywood movie monsters! I’ve never had the pleasure of playing it, but I love the idea of any game involving classic monsters. 

Batman Clock

The Blue and Gray is my favorite era of Batman and Robin. This particular clock is an 80s era item, but it still delivers that 70s vibe.  

Astro Train

Another toy show find. This Astro Train set covers air, land and sea and is a combination of steel and plastic. It was in remarkably good shape – even the box!     

Sinking of the Titanic Board Game

I love board games, and there were some really inventive ones back in the 60’s and 70’s, although a lot of crappy clone games with a license slapped on (amazing how that habit keeps getting repeated, no?) But a game about the sinking of the Titanic…that one seems a bit wrong to me.    

Wiggly Weirdies

From the same genre as Thing Maker codes Wiggly Weirdies, Hasbro’s entry into the make-you-own toy category. I like how they took it one step further with the whole mad scientist lab as a backdrop.   

Goober and the Ghost Chasers

Somehow I had managed to completely forget about this cartoon series. Not quite Scooby-Doo, but still awesome spooky fun.  

Spider-Man Knock Off

I have an enduring love of all things bootleg and knock-off. I found this Mego-like Super Powers Spider-Man figure at a toy show. I love how the characters in the background don’t have their logos on the uniforms.  

Lots of toy page updates

Added a bunch of new pictures and pages over the last few days. Highlights include: Updated Takara Microman Pages Fresh Zee Toys Metal Man artwork New Ray Guns Added a Green Baron and Pegasus page to the Micronauts A whole new Message From Space section Added Action Jackson

Mystic Skull

A board game with a hanging voodoo doll and the mysterious moving skull. What could be better? I love the box and board art for this game.     

New micro photos – toys for sale

Added a few new Micronaut photos to the site. Specifically, Emperor, Mobile Exploration Lab and a Star Searcher box. Incidentally, (and the reason I shot them) these items are all up for auction on eBay right now.

The Alien at SDCC

Spend much time on BEM and it becomes pretty obvious I have an Alien fixation. This was a really good year at SDCC for both the Ridley Scott Alien and the James Cameron Aliens incarnations.   Not shown is a Super7 prototype for a Kenner style Alien based on the Cameron movie. 

Batman at SDCC

Adam West era Batman is still my favorite. There was a lot of great stuff to see for the Batman 66 fan. Here are some photos of my favorites. 

Mattel Battlestar Galactica SDCC exhibit

SDCC15 is nearly upon us! So I am posting some photos of a Mattel exhibit from a few cons ago that was all Battlestar Galactica – and all vintage. Check out the Viper launcher in the lower left corner of the group shot!

Clash of the Titans Kraken

I’ve always loved the work of Ray Harryhausen. The skeleton sword fight in Jason and the Argonauts had me rivited, but the first Harryhausen film I ever saw, and my favorite one, was the last one he made, Clash of the Titans. And the best monster in a film with so many great ones was … Continue reading Clash of the Titans Kraken

Starkist Charlie the Tuna Phone

Sticking with a food theme, a Starkist Charlie the Tuna phone. The 70’s had such awesome food mascots. 

Twinkie the Kid

Okay, not really a toy. but i ate a lot of Twinkies in the 70’s and this Twinkie holder from the 70’s is awesome.

ERTL Die Cast Super Heroes

I love die cast figures and very few companies do it better than ERTL, from their Star Trek ships to these very cool Super Heroes.

LocBlocs Laser Tank

As a kid, I spent more time playing with Legos than any other toy and especially loved the space kits.  After my family moved abroad it was much easier to get Tente and LocBlocks, so I ended up with a pretty mixed set of building bricks. I still vividly remember getting this exact set and … Continue reading LocBlocs Laser Tank

Space Laser Flight Game

For science fiction fans, the 70s are a golden age. We had Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, Star Trek and a legion of other shows and movies. And we had electronic toys and games like never before. Consider Space Laser Fight, a simple LED game that is barely more than a fire and dodge … Continue reading Space Laser Flight Game

Mork and Mindy Figure

For Easter, a tangentially related toy. More from Ork, the other Alien that came out of an egg. 

Happy Easter

Wishing you a happy pagan fertility holiday from your friend at the BEM.    

Evel Knievel Escape from Skull Canyon

If you were a kid in the 70s, Evel Knievel was a real life super hero dare devil. I’m from Idaho and his jump spot near Twin Falls where he tried to jump the Snake River Canyon is a place I’ve visited more than once. Given the connection, it should be no surprise I love … Continue reading Evel Knievel Escape from Skull Canyon

Bionic Woman Wrist Radio

Here’s one for the fans of female action heroes, myself included, a fully functional Bionic Woman wrist radio that can tune in your favorite AM radio stations. Back when it was released, you might have been able to find more than political talk radio to entertain the kids. Think about the fact it’s powered by … Continue reading Bionic Woman Wrist Radio

Buck Rogers and Twiki Communicators

Sticking with the playset theme, I present a Buck Rogers and Twiki communicator. I really loved this show as a kid, but upon watching it as an adult, I was horrified to discover it was a misogynistic, poorly written, but of trash. I still feel quite a bit of nastalgia for it though. I loved … Continue reading Buck Rogers and Twiki Communicators

Super7 ReAction Alien Playset

Spend any time on the site and you will quickly learn I love Alien. I was a huge booster of Super 7 when they were working on the first set of ReAction Alien figures, so when they announced the Playset, I lined up at SDCC to order it. Nearly a year later, it finally arrived. … Continue reading Super7 ReAction Alien Playset

Space 1999 Utility Belt

Continuing with the 70’s era LARPing theme, I bring you the Space 1999 Utility Belt, complete with communicator, chronometer, and stunner disc gun. Space 1999 was really a terrible show, but the design of everything was stellar and Mattel, Dinky and Remco, in this case, did an incredible job of turning the visuals into toys. 

Shogun Warriors Utility Belt

Who doesn’t love Shogun Warriors? I was desperate for one as a kid. I read the comics. Loved them. Never saw this playset, but if I had, I could easily see myself playing Rodan to my brother’s Gaiking.

Thunderbirds Tracy Island

I’m a big fan of Gerry Anderson, but I didn’t discover most of his work until I was an adult. But even without knowing the connection between the Thunderbirds Tracy Island player and the show, I still would have loved this toy as a kid. Oddly enough, I did have a bunch of Zylmex Thunderbirds … Continue reading Thunderbirds Tracy Island

Magnavox Odyssey Game System

For those of us of a certain vintage, the Magnavox Odyssey Game System was the toy to have one Christmas long ago. My neighbor had one and we played the hell out of it. Getting two people on that controller was sure a pain though.

Qbert Toys

In honor of GDC this week, I bring you toys from the adorably bizarre Qbert.

Mego Farrah

Any child of the 70’s knows the name Farah Faucet. Boys dreamed about her. Girls dreamed about being her. So how better to do service to the magnificent Farrah than by making an action figure? When I see toys like this I feel better about Mego tanking.

Moebius Models Gigantic Frankenstein

What was it about the 70s and plastic model kits? I can’t count the number of cars, space ships, and Universal Monsters I put together. I can still smell the rubber cement. I actually had the Moebius Gigantic Frankenstein and it was every bit as awesome as it looks.

Alien Chase Target Set

Since 1979 I have been mildly obsessed by the movie Alien and its many sequels. I got the Kenner 18″ Alien for Christmas that year and I’ve been collecting Alien toys ever since. I never saw the Alien Chase Target Set as a kid but sure would have loved it. I particularly like the Alien … Continue reading Alien Chase Target Set

Manglor Mountain Volcanic Action Playset

I’d never seen one of these until several showed up all at once at a toy show. This is the kind of toy I would have begged and connived to get out of my parents. I especially love the box art. Boxes from that era did so much to stimulate the toy’s story for me. … Continue reading Manglor Mountain Volcanic Action Playset

System 7 – 7 Way Task Force

The System 7 – 7 Way Task Force playset would have been my favorite toy if I’d had it as a child. It’s James Bond, Get Smart, and Man from UNCLE all in one toy. I especially love how it comes with a ring.

Lost in Space Board Game

I don’t usually like the remake better than the original, but I really liked the Lost in Space movie. Maybe it was just seeing Mimi Rogers in that outfit of hers. But it was probably evil Gary Oldman.

Outer Limits Board Game

I love the artwork on the cover of this game. It completely captures the look of the old show, especially the green dude.

Dungeon – a Dungeons & Dragons Board Game

When that Dungeons & Dragons itch strikes but you don’t want to deal with cranky DMs, there is the TSR Dungeon board game.

Undercover – The Game of Secret Agents

From the height of the cold war comes Undercover – The Game of Secret Agents. 

King Kong Lunch Box

Returning to the lunch box theme. I loved King Kong. It was one of my first tastes of adventure movies. I collected the cards, had a toy model, and coveted this food transportation device.

Han Solo in Carbonite

Never know what you will run into at a toy show. I think this would look nice in my office.

Cannonball Run Toys

Captain Chaos!!!! Can’t believe someone made a line of Cannonball Run toys, but they did. There’s the ambulance and a whole slew of others.

Fireball XL5 Lunch Box

Not my favorite Gerry Anderson series, but a great lunch box!

Lost in Space Lunch Box

I never really liked this show that much, but I liked the concept a lot. For me, it was the kid. I found him annoying as hell. But I did like the robot!

Battlestar Galactica Lunch Box

Battlestar Galactica entranced me from the very first episode. I loved the Vipers, the Cylons and their ships. I especially loved the capital ships like the Galactica and the Base Stars. Is it me, or is there something wrong with the friendly waving Cylon? Did you know the Daggit had a monkey inside it?

Star Wars Lunch Box

There are Star Wars people and Star Trek people. I already said that. The Star Wars side of me actually had this lunch box all through 3rd grade.

Star Trek Lunch Box

When it comes to science fiction, there are Star Trek people (with many sub-groups) and Star Wars people (and a few agnostics.) I love Star Wars, and as a kid, I was definitely in that camp, but as I’ve aged, I’ve become a Star Trek man, and I love this lunch box.

Black Hole Lunch Box

I LOVED this movie despite it being, well, sorta bad. But the Cygnus is just such an awesome ship. And Maximillion so fabulously evil.

Pigs in Space Lunch Box

Muppets Pigs in Space is y absolute favorite Muppets segment, with the hospital and ballroom ones close behind. More importantly, PiS makes an awesome lunchbox.

Clash of the Titans Lunch Box

Clash of the Titans is actually one of my favorite movies. I loved everything about it. The Harryhausen animation. The monsters. The portrayal of the gods. It blew my mind. I never once saw this lunch box in real life as a kid, but I would have begged for it. After getting my Star Wars … Continue reading Clash of the Titans Lunch Box

V Lunch Box

Not a great show, but fun in a B movie kinda way.

Super Friends Lunch Box

These are still my favorite versions of the DC heroes.

Universal Monsters Lunch Box

In the Halloween theme I present the greatest collection of monsters known to human kind. On a lunch box.

Six Million Dollar Man Lunch Box

I loved watching the Six Million Dollar Man as a kid, and loved the toys too. My lunch boxes were all Sci-Fi, but I would have liked this one.

Munsters Lunch Box

Munsters vs. Addams Family is a lot like Mary Ann vs. Ginger. Both are awesome, just in different ways. Whichever you like better, this lunch box is still cool

UFO Lunch Box

UFO is one of my favorite Gerry Anderson series. Sure his Marionation shows were more ground breaking, but I always loved the pure paranoia of UFO better. Not to mention the awesome uniforms and the oh so cool design of the UFO Interceptor.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Board Game

Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is one of my favorite classic movies. It did such a spectacular job of visualizing the Jules Verne novel and really brought the book alive for me. Part of what makes the story so compelling is Captain Nemo, He’s driven by noble goals, but his pursuit of them is flawed … Continue reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Board Game

Battestar Galactica Cylon Bubble Machine

For a show that only ran one season, Battlestar Galactica managed to generate a lot of toys and licensed products. This Cylon Bubble Machine just seems wrong. Cylons wiped out humanity. They committed genocide. Cylons blowing bubbles seems like it sorta takes the sting out of their evilness.

My novel is out today

I try not to post too much about non-toy stuff here, but my first novel, Elvis Sightings, came out today. If you enjoy my blog, and like reading mystery or urban fantasy novels, I would really appreciate it if you’d consider buying my book and giving it a review. It’s available from your favorite ebook … Continue reading My novel is out today

Jinkies! Big Trak is Back!

Who didn’t envy the friend who had a Big Trak? It was a computerized vehicle that could execute a program, navigate around your room, and haul tons of cool stuff in it’s trailer. It was a total product of the 70’s and an awesome toy. It has also been absurdly difficult to get a hold … Continue reading Jinkies! Big Trak is Back!

Centipede Board Game

Another Milton Bradley video to board game translation!

007 Board Game

Continuing with the board game theme, I present 007.

Pac Man Board Game

I think it is hilarious that there are all these board game versions of video games, and ten years later video game companies were making video games of board games.

New Star Trek The Motion Picture Section

I’ve always been a big fan of Star Trek. I’m not old enough to have seen the Original Series in first run, but I distinctly remember going to see Star Trek: The Motion Picture in theaters. As big a deal as Star Wars was for me, Star Trek was a pretty close second. And I … Continue reading New Star Trek The Motion Picture Section

Galaxy Empire Star Wars Knock Off

I love knock-offs. Especially Star Wars knock-offs. This Wookie-like figure is one of the better quality ones I’ve found. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the figure is maybe a half inch taller than the average Star Wars figure, and a bit beefier. My favorite thing about this Galaxy Empire toy is the … Continue reading Galaxy Empire Star Wars Knock Off

New TootsieToy Playset Page

I added a new toy section to the site today – TootsieToy Adventure Series Playsets from the 70s. TootsieToy made four sets that I know of – I had all of them as a kid – and I somehow managed to hold onto a complete set of Star Base ZUES figures and ships. I don’t know … Continue reading New TootsieToy Playset Page

New images!

I’ve added a bunch of new images to existing pages this week. I got a new camera (finally!) and am playing around with it, which is much fun! So, for your viewing pleasure, you get the following: 1. New stills of Diecast Star Wars Ships 2. New stills of Starbird Avenger and Starbird Intruder 3. … Continue reading New images!

Dragon’s Lair Lunch Box

Don Bluth’s Dragon’s Lair absolutely bedeviled me in the arcade. I could never get the timing right. But I always loved the artwork, which is why I think this is such a fun lunch box.

Krull Board Game

Krull was a 1983 fantasy movie set on a distant planet named Krull. An evil being simply called “The Beast” has invaded the planet. In an attempt to stave off his army of slayers, the son and daughter of rival kingdoms are set to marry so they can unite to fight off the Beast. But, … Continue reading Krull Board Game

Toy Man

I was turned into a toy. I always knew it would end like this. Me Toy by CoKreeate

Pee-wee Shrinky Dink

Remember Colorforms Shrinky Dinks? You color them, stick them in the over to shrink ’em, and have decorated pieces of plastic that look like they were colored by a professional because your mistakes are so much smaller? Yeah, they were awesome. You can still get them, but you probably can’t get Pee-wee ones!

Wham-O Rocky and Bullwinkle

I’ve watched a lot of Rocky and Bullwinkle in my time, but I always sorta liked Boris and Natasha better and kept rooting for them to win. Same thing with Dudley and Snidely (and for my money, there is no greater villain name than Snidely Whiplash.) When I ran across these “non-toxic” Fun-Flex toys from … Continue reading Wham-O Rocky and Bullwinkle

Weirdest ugly doll ever?

I have a strange attraction to Ugly Dolls. They are pretty simplistic stuffed animals, and they are widely ripped off, but i like the way the creator developed unique character templates that get reused. Last year there were the Universal Monster ones, which I loved. This year, DC Comics ones. The DC versions seemed a … Continue reading Weirdest ugly doll ever?

SDCC 14: Rom the Space Knight

Hasbro showed everybody’s favorite Space Knight some some love at SDCC with a show exclusive Rom the Space Knight…thing. I’ve never understood the fat bodied toy designs. Why make a cool toy into something squat and round? I’m glad Rom is getting some new action (and boy would I love a new comic!) but this … Continue reading SDCC 14: Rom the Space Knight

Space 1999 Toys

Space 1999 is one of my favorite TV series. The premise is ludicrous – the moon forced out of orbit then zooming through the galaxy – but the ships are just so damn cool. And the writing was pretty good too.

Pee-wee Scooter

What better way to get around like Pee-wee than on a Pee-wee scooter? Wait a second, I thought he had a bike…

Pee-wee and Chairee

A kid sized (by which I mean the size of a kid) Pee-wee and his favorite talking furniture.

Tomy Pocket Bots

PocketBots were some of my favorite little toys as a kid. I got them several years in a row as stocking stuffers. They joined the rebellion, of course, and helped the Micronauts and R2D2 fight the Empire.

Flashy Flickers Image Picture Gun

Such a useless toy, but still kinda cool. This Flashy Flickers projector gun is up there with the SMDM projector, or Star Trek projection phaser.

Captain & Tennille

How these two ever ended up as toys I will never understand. KISS, that one I sorta understand. But Captain & Tennille?

Navarone Giant Playset

Marx made the best play sets. Didn’t matter your favorite toy genre – western, sci fi, underwater, or war – Marx made a set with a giant plastic center piece for you. This Navarone Giant Playset is one of my favorites, with the cannons, ladders, and two sets of army men in classic poses, you … Continue reading Navarone Giant Playset

Matchbox Mega-Rig Space Base

Came across this amazingly cool store display at the San Jose Toy Show. I am not generally a Matchbox enthusiast, but this is the kind of toy that could win me over.

Mork & Mindy

Funny show. Amusing toy. But I didn’t want it as a kid and totally understand why as an adult.

Ben Cooper Costumes

Costumes from the 70s and earlier were a lot simpler (and less comfortable) than current ones. But if you were going to go out on Halloween back then, chances are you were sporting a Ben Cooper costume. My brother and I definitely wore our share. The ones below probably wouldn’t have been tops on our … Continue reading Ben Cooper Costumes

Princess Leia…

This is the photo 7 year old me always wanted me to be in.

Janice West

I have never liked Western toys as much as Sci-Fi toys, largely due to the limitless potential of sci-fi and that the only western toys available in my youth were Lone Ranger related (which I did have.) But I have always loved westerns on tv and film. The Johnny West line was a bit before … Continue reading Janice West

Diecast Toys

Found a site dedicated to diecast vehicles that has some pretty cool info, Suncoast Diecasters. If you’re into collecting 1/64th scale miniature vehicles, you should definitely check them out.

Pee-Wee’s Playhouse Playset

I love Pee-Wee. And his wacky Playhouse. And his Christmas Special. So I would kill to have this awesome playset and just stick it on a shelf to gaze upon while sitting in Chairy and contemplating the secret word of the day.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea was an okay movie that turned into a great tv show in the 60s. I think these toys must be from the show, but whichever one it is, they are so very cool. I will have to dig out that DVD tonight…

Star Wars Droid Factory

The Mighty Men and Monster Maker art kit was one of my favorite art kits as a kid – especially since my drawing skills have always been sub par. This Star Wars Droid factory art kit was a little too late for me to have appreciated when it was released, but it sure is cool.

Lidsville Lunchbox

Seen the acid trip induced series Lidsville? If not, you should. It’s Sid and Maery Krofft’s third show and it is everything you could expect. And more.

Universal Monsters Lunchbox

I’ve always loved the Universal Monsters. Only monster box that would be better than this would be Groovy Ghoulies.

Planet of the Apes Album

Found this the other day. I hadn’t really thought much about the sound track to Planet of the Apes, but I picked it up anyway and ended up enjoying it quite a bit. It’s no Logan’s Run theme, but still pretty good.

Zelda Board Game

Spied this at the Video Game Museum exhibit at GDC.

Mego Moonraker Toys

Mego bet big on a lot of movie and tv franchises, PotA representing their most successful license. But they also did this awesome, and largely unsuccessful, James Bond Moonraker line of 12 inch dolls. Not shown is lady CIA spy Holly Goodhead.

ERTL Super Stars Toys

What wasn’t made into a toy in the 70s/early 80s? I’m sure there are other ERTL Super Stars toys, but Rocky III and “The Bandit” make even the Love Boat toys seem kinda like good ideas.

Japanese Star Wars Cards

I collected several series of Star Wars cards as a kid, from the awesome Wonder Bread cards to the green, yellow and red series. As an adult, I’ve been super interested in foreign versions of collectible and was really excited to discover these Japanese cards.

Mego Kiss Dolls

One of Mego’s very odd licensing choices: Kiss. Sure they were huge. And awesome. And had an Army. But 12″ dolls? Im glad they did ’cause I love Kiss, but still…

Creatures of Delight

Last year I met Oliver, creator/owner of Creatures of Delight, at NYCC and was blown away by the amazing foam latex critters he’s dreamed up. For NYCC this year there is a new line of limited edition critters called “Unusual Suspects” that is about as cool as it gets. If you want something unique for … Continue reading Creatures of Delight

Ghostbusters Toys

Thinking about a costume for next Halloween or a cosplay? Check out these upcoming limited edition GhostBusters toys from Mattel’s Epic Creations line of toys. Some of these, like the trap and the goggles, are already out, but the proton wand won’t see the light of day until December.

GI Joe

I always wanted GI Joe toys as a kid, but I was a bit too young to get them in their heyday. I’ve never collected them because of their price, but I would sure like to.

Star Trek Colorforms

My favorite colorforms set as a kid.

SDCC next week

I will be in San Diego next week for Comic-con. While I will certainly be picking up my Alien ReAction exclusives, I would love to say hello to any other toy fans attending.

Kenner Girder and Panel Set

Saw this today. The Kenner Girder and Panel set was one of my favorite toys as a kid.

Super7 Alien ReAction SDCC Exclusives

Going to San Diego ComicCon? Love the classic sci-fi film Alien? Super7 will soon be releasing a line of Alien toys based on a discontinued set of Alien toys from 1979. I’ve been writing about these figures since last SDCC and am super excited about them. Last week, Super7 announced the new goodies they’ll have … Continue reading Super7 Alien ReAction SDCC Exclusives

Tim Mee Galaxy Laser Team

Just added a new section to the site, Tim Mee Galaxy Laser Team. If you grew up in the 70’s there’s a pretty good chance you had something from the Tim Mee company. They made “processed plastic” figures with all kinds of themes and sold them in bags for pretty low prices. The ones that … Continue reading Tim Mee Galaxy Laser Team

Super 7 Alien ReAction Figures

I’ve written about it before, but Super7 just released some great photos of their new Alien figures that they’re releasing under their ReAction Figure Series – ReAction being short for Retro Action. You probably already know the story, but in case you don’t, back in 1979, prototypes were made for a series of 3 3/4 … Continue reading Super 7 Alien ReAction Figures

Super 7 Alien Glasses Photos

If it isn’t already painfully obvious, I can’t wait for these Alien drink glasses from Super7 to release! This is the first time they’ve provided some really good pictures and announced a release date of July, so I feel compelled to post. Alien was one of the first films that just plain scared the pants … Continue reading Super 7 Alien Glasses Photos

Atlantic Toys Galaxy Serie

Atlantic was an Italian toy company that existed from 1966 to 1984, best known for their scale model soldiers. Although I enjoy a good plastic soldier as much as the next guy, it is their line of Galaxy Serie toys that I fell in love with. I’ve added Atlantic Galaxy Serie as a toy line … Continue reading Atlantic Toys Galaxy Serie

Outer Space Men

I have loved Mel Birnkrant’s Outer Space Men since I was a kid. The Orbitron was featured in the header of this site for years, and is still the official mascot of BugEyedMonster. At SDCC the last few years, there have been some recreations of the Spacers that I’ve enjoyed, and I just landed a … Continue reading Outer Space Men

Super 7 Alien Toys Catalog

By now you’re familiar with my fanboy adoration of the new Alien products being developed by Super 7. If you’re going to be at Wondercon (and why the frack hasn’t it been brought back to the Bay Area where it belong!? Anaheim? Really? Doesn’t SoCal have enough cons? We don’t have any big ones in … Continue reading Super 7 Alien Toys Catalog

Super 7 Alien Glasses Set

Since SDCC 2012 I’ve been talking to you about Super 7’s amazing fast food style Alien glasses that they have in the works. Well, Wondercon is around the corner and Super 7 will be debuting prototype glasses for the first time ever. You can find them at booth #1166. The whole set of 16 ounce … Continue reading Super 7 Alien Glasses Set

My Batman story available now!

What’s the point of having a blog if you don’t sometimes toot your own horn? None I say! To that end, my two part, digital first, Batman story for the rebooted Legends of the Dark Knight is up on Comixology and ready for your reading pleasure! Check out my writing and comics blog, Conform and … Continue reading My Batman story available now!

NYCC: Megos?

My love affair with Mego started with the Star Trek figures and their little blue phasers and communicators, so I was very pleasantly surprised to discover these modern Mego ST:TNG figures. I realize they probably are old news, but I honestly don’t follow new toys much or at all, so discovering these in a booth … Continue reading NYCC: Megos?

NYCC: MonsterPants Sea-Borg

This site is mostly about old toys. Mostly. But I do post and link to new stuff with a retro connection (which is almost as good as a rainbow connection.) The Sea-Borg from MonsterPants definitely qualify. They remind me a lot of Illuminaries or Tomland’s 4″ Star Raiders. But don’t just take my word for … Continue reading NYCC: MonsterPants Sea-Borg

NYCC: Creatures of Delight

One of the coolest surprises of NYCC was running across Creatures of Delight. They were literally at the FAAAAAAAR end of the show and I almost didn’t make it there, but I’m glad I did. Now, Creatures of Delight isn’t strictly a toy. It’s more like a foam plushy. But the fabulous critters created by … Continue reading NYCC: Creatures of Delight

NYCC: Super7

If you don’t love Super 7 then there is something wrong with you. These guys are even more into toys and pop culture than I am. Back at SDCC I brought you some pictures of Super 7’s plans to release a line of 4 inch Alien figures based on toy molds developed at the time … Continue reading NYCC: Super7

I write Batman!

Next week I make my debut as a Batman writer with the two part Legends of the Dark Knight story “Unnatural Selection”, with artwork provided by the unbelievably talented Sergio Sandoval. You can get the comic on Comixology for just $0.99! I you’re curious and want to know more…jump to my writing blog Ricardo Sanchez … Continue reading I write Batman!

NYCC updates

Over the next few days I will post a series of updates from New York Comic-Con. Yeah, I know it was a few weeks ago, but there was no good Internet access there and I was busy. So you get it now… Want to see my comic related posts? Visit Conform and Obey, my writing … Continue reading NYCC updates

Stretch Armstrong Serpent on eBay!

Okay, I don’t usually point to ebay auctions, but this is one case where I think it’s worth sharing. Stretch Armstrong is a fabulous toy from the 70s. He stretches! He’s strong! and he had AWESOME enemies, like the titular Serpent, a Sears catalog exclusive. The super fine MIB specimen currently up on ebay was … Continue reading Stretch Armstrong Serpent on eBay!

Outer Space Men

The old Colorforms Outer Space Men are some of my favorite toys of the late 60s, early 70s. For almost a decade Orbitron was the mascot here on BugEyedMonster. The OSMs have bees brought back, as you probably know. I posted some photos last year. But here are some shots of this year’s sdcc exclusives … Continue reading Outer Space Men

Super 7 Alien Toys

San Francisco toy maker Super 7 has managed to track down the original molds for a line of 3 3/4 inch figures based on the original Alien film and will be releasing a new line of Alien toys ’13. More to come, but here are some quickie shots.

Interview with Captain Action (aka Scott Sebring)

Captain Action is one of my favorite toy lines from the 60’s. The idea behind it was brilliant. Buy just one figure and have infinite adventures by dressing him up as your favorite hero. The toy was Ideal Toy Company’s answer to G.I. Joe, and for those of us with more of a taste for … Continue reading Interview with Captain Action (aka Scott Sebring)

Glamour Photos

So, recently I updated the site – new look, new features – and had to clean up a bunch of copy and pages. In the process I was stunned by how BAD most of the pictures were. They were great when I took them, but times have changed and digital cameras have gotten better. I … Continue reading Glamour Photos

Behold Madelman!

Check out this Mego-like line of Madelman Cosmic 8-inch action figures from Spanish toy maker Madelman. For the hardcore sci fi collector, it’s hard to find a cooler set of 70’s toys. Madelman produced both male and female action figures, a menacing alien, and a full sized space ship capable of transporting your toys across … Continue reading Behold Madelman!

Timanic Green Space Traveler

New pics of the Space Traveler 3 and his Nic Machine in the Timanic section!

Ideal Star Team

IDEAL’s long running S.T.A.R. Team line of space toys finally makes it’s way to the site. Check out Battling Spaceships, Darth Vadar – I mean Knight of Darkness, and more!

Toy Updates

In un-borking the site I decided to add a few toys to the site. New with this update are: Buck Rogers – Star Searcher (a clone of the Micronauts Star Defender) and the Galactic Playset Timanic – Time Machine 3

Frak! Site borked.

Sorry, we had a template meltdown. The site is sort of back up…sort of. I’ll get it sorted out eventually. Sorry for any inconvenience. UPDATE: Site less borked. But still not back to good old BEM. UPDATE 2: Okay, the site is a WHOLE LOT less borked. My old template is experiencing a confidence shattering … Continue reading Frak! Site borked.

Not so happy Micro News

AcroRay, one of the more obsessive and informed Micronaut fans, found a really unsettling and well written story about Bill Mantlo, a comics writer from the 70’s and 80’s who was responsible for the Micronauts comic and ROM The Space Knight comic, among many, many others. I was a huge fan of Bill’s as a … Continue reading Not so happy Micro News

Micronauts Rocket Tubes Blueprints

Been meaning to repost this for quite a while. Over on Micronauts Home World, there is a great article about Mego’s original plans for their Rocket Tubes toy. I won’t spoil it for you, but suffice it to say, if you’re a Micro junkie, it is a great read. I had a set of Rocket … Continue reading Micronauts Rocket Tubes Blueprints

San Jose Toy Show

Saturday was San Jose Toy Show day. Time Tunnel Toys puts it on three times a year and a pretty good number of toy vendors, comic book people and other pop culture merchants show up. There’s always something interesting and this one was no exception. The event was held in a different part of the … Continue reading San Jose Toy Show

Me at San Diego ComicCon 2011

Totally off topic for BEM, but if you’re curious about my trip to SDCC, head on over to Conform And Obey. I do a quick recap of my trip with some good pictures for the nerds and geeks out there (that includes me btw.) There is a picture of a TOTALLY hot Tinker Bell if … Continue reading Me at San Diego ComicCon 2011

Love those ray guns of SDCC

  For the steam punk, retro sci fi lover in you comes these FREAKING AWESOME ray guns from Dr. Grordbort. If I were rich, which I’m not, I would totally have a wall of these things. It is a good thing I have a very strict budget when I go to SDCC.

Toys of ComicCon 2011

  ComicCon 2011 was another great show. As always, there were TONS of toys for fans of pretty much, well, anything. There were a few though that really caught my eye. My hands down favorite was the re-release/re-creation of The Outer Space Men. You’ll note the red one, Orbitron, who is the unofficial mascot of … Continue reading Toys of ComicCon 2011

Been adding to the site

Slowly but surely, more toys coming online. For this latest update, catch the following: Ray Guns: Lots and lots of awesome space guns. A Mazinga ray gun, Flash Gordon (the movie) gun, and some other cool ones. Totally worth looking at. TH3 Project: Added a Thur gun and a page on the ZX series of … Continue reading Been adding to the site

What’s up?

Been watching vintage Electric Company with my 6 year old. I still love Easy Reader. Also just finished watching the American version of Life on Mars. What a spectacular show! Watching that awesome 70’s-ness turned my thoughts to toys and BEM. So a few updates. Check out the new Ray Guns category. Lots more coming … Continue reading What’s up?

Commodore 64 is Back!

I do sometimes diverge from the realm of toys on BEM. But usually only with a good reason. The return of one of the seminal computers of my youth seems like a good enough one. Commodore USA just announced they were bringing back the C64. Not the original one, but a brand new computer in … Continue reading Commodore 64 is Back!

Tente Set

Went to the San Jose Super ToyShow today. I went partly to entertain my daughter and partly to browse for toys. The last few shows have been short on interesting finds so I didn’t have a lot of hope for this one. Just as we were leaving, though, I looked in a $1 bin and … Continue reading Tente Set

Holy batman’s buttons! 4 months = no update

Wow. I suck. But to be fair, I got a full time job in August, and there was all those holidays and I got a year older (reaching a depressing milestone, I might add.) In the intervening months I have developed a renewed fascination with all things ray gun. Especially 70’s ray guns with lights … Continue reading Holy batman’s buttons! 4 months = no update

Mini update to Rom the Space Knight

Added a box shot of the Palitoy Action Man Rom the Space Knight version.

Lots of Stuff on Ebay

Cleaning house. Check out my ebay auctions for a bunch of great toys. WWII War Heroes, Mego Knights, Fighting Furies, Action Jackson, Pulsar and more.

Evel Knievel King of the Stuntmen

Do you remember Evel Knievel? I sure do. Loved his name. Had his stunt cycle too. But just ran across this item the other day at a toy show. Nice fellow selling it let me snap a picture. Quality is right up there with Action Jackson accessories, if not better.

Added Microman, War Heroes, Zee Toys Firebirds, and Superman to the site

Started a fledgling Microman section. I won’t try to replicate the awesome work done by other sites cataloging this massive toy line, but you will find nice photos from my collection. If you’re not familiar with this line of awesome Japanese toys, take a look at my first posting – The Microman Speed Jumper. Like … Continue reading Added Microman, War Heroes, Zee Toys Firebirds, and Superman to the site

TH3 Project updated

Added scans from the catalog.

Star Wars Electronic Laser Battle

The latest site update is the Star Wars Electronic Laser Battle game.  

Shortly = 5 Months & Jay J. Arms

Okay, I said I’d soon put up Jay J. Arms, aka JJ Arms pages. It only took me FIVE WHOLE MONTHS! I work on glacial speed settings. But hey, I was trying to finish my novel, write some comics, and do a bunch of other crap to avoid actually doing things I’m supposed to do. … Continue reading Shortly = 5 Months & Jay J. Arms

Working on J.J. Arms

In the next few days I’ll finish up with TH3 Project pages and start adding a page or two on handless detective J.J. Arms. I had this one as a kid and loved it. Made me want to lose my hands…

On Ebay

Just posted a few items on ebay. A MISB Zoids, two JJ Arms figures (a page on him coming soon) some Mego-like War Heroes figures, and a bunch of the TH3 Project toys. You can see all of them here.

New Toy Page: TH3 Project

I had lunch with a very cool guy last week who was in town interviewing. We were chatting and it came up that I run this site. Which he was hugely surprised to learn, especially since he was a big fan of the site. We talked some more and he (rightfully) chastised me about not … Continue reading New Toy Page: TH3 Project

Time Tunnel Toys Show

Next weekend is the Time Tunnel Toy Show in San Jose. Great place to pick up stuff. Let me know if you’ll be there, would love to say hello!

Pimping Resident Evil

Continuing in the vein of posts unrelated to toys: Comic Monsters did an interview with me to promote the release of the Resident Evil comic series I’m writing. Comic Monsters Fear not, I went to the toy show this past weekend and picked up a Star Wars Electronic Laser Battle Game that I will post … Continue reading Pimping Resident Evil

Resident Evil #1 by Me

Ok, I realize my two most recent posts are not toy related. But I don’t care. In the course of a week, I have realized two long time goals. 1. Owning a Corvette Stingray. (see previous post) 2. Write a comic book. But not just any comic! A comic based on one of my favorite … Continue reading Resident Evil #1 by Me

Buck Rogers Communicators

This was a very cool find that I had never seen before. A Buck Rogers belt with some walkie talkies, a wrist watch, and other accessories. Not to mention a big Twikki figure. Not 100% sure what he does. Pair this up with the helmet accessory and you’re ready to take on Princess Ardalla! Check … Continue reading Buck Rogers Communicators

Zeroid Alien

This was a new find for me. I am a big fan of Zeroids generally, and have several, but have never encountered a Zeroid Alien. The Alien is unique among Zeroids. First, it explodes! Not literally of course, but in the manner of all wonderful 60s and 70s exploding toys – it falls apart. The … Continue reading Zeroid Alien

Batman Executive Set

For the toy loving executive who has everything, today I bring you a Batman executive desk set to inspire envy around the board room. Included is a Joker stapler, a Batman pencil sharpener, and a Batman calendar/card holder. I am currently working out of my garage or I would have bought it to impress my … Continue reading Batman Executive Set

Invasion of Anzio Military Playset

As a kid, I loved playsets. Dinosaur ones. Western ones. Exploding bridges. Playsets were just super cool. Military playsets were always my facorites though, because I could use my firecrackers from the 4th of July to “enhance” the experience. I didn’t have this playset but I am sure I would have loved it if I … Continue reading Invasion of Anzio Military Playset

Battlestar Galactica Viper Launch Station

I have a shot of this on the Battlestar Galactica page, but I ran across an unopened one in excellent condition. I have always wanted Viper Launch Station, but they’re damn big. This one was also damn expensive. They wanted $200 for it. It is based on a plane launching toy and sends small vipers … Continue reading Battlestar Galactica Viper Launch Station

Visible Woman

This was another cool toy I found at the toy show in San Jose. I’ve seen the visible man before, but this was the first time I had seen the woman.

Super Toy Show San Jose

Last weekend I went to this twice annual toy show in San Jose. It used to be the Humdinger toy show I think. I missed out on buying a boxed 18″ alien for $250 while I went to get cash. I was hugely disappointed. But I saw some cool stuff. Here is a Buck Rogers … Continue reading Super Toy Show San Jose

Want to talk toys?

I have added an area where you can just talk about toys, leave me feedback, or whatever. It is non toy specific, and is really just a comments page. so not a lot of functionality. I’ll try to find a real forum tool for WordPress and add that to the site so we can have … Continue reading Want to talk toys?

Red Falcon Clones

  Adam wrote in on a comment on the Micronauts Red Falcon page asking about RF clones. There are a lot of them out there. I am not as well versed in my RF clone lore as some, but I do have a few of them in my collection. Take a look at this one… … Continue reading Red Falcon Clones

Tente not Lego

Someone left a post the other day asking me about Tente. If you don’t know what it is, you’re missing out. Tente was a Lego-like building system that was mainly available outside the US. I got mine while living in Colombia, SA.  Anyway, the system had very similar blocks to Legos and the kits were … Continue reading Tente not Lego

Doctor Who – Blink

I used to have a lot of TV and movie related stuff on BEM, but took it down when I re-did the site. I’m not going to focus on this by any means, but I love sci-fi and movies and TV, so it will occasionally show up. Last night, I was watching the new Doctor … Continue reading Doctor Who – Blink

Mystery Guest Writer

Comic book artist and film maker Matt Haley and I have a mutual acquaintance who just happens to have created two of the toys featured on BEM. We had been chatting about doing an homage to the toys and getting said creator to tell their story and finally got off our butts to approach said … Continue reading Mystery Guest Writer

New page = shoot out in space!

Yeah! I finally got off my rear end and put up a new toy. The picture tells the story, the new addition to BEM is Shoot Out In Space, one of my all time favorite ray gun toys. Read on and take a peak at my not so terribly insightful scribblings on this classic Sci … Continue reading New page = shoot out in space!

I am a lazy wuss

I have posted nothing in forever. So, uh, here’s a post. 🙂 I actually just got back from Comic-Con in San Diego. Was fun. Mark Texeira is working on a Robotron painting for me (for work) and Matt Haley, who is a toy geek as well, is doing Defender and Sinistar. Darick Robertson and Ken … Continue reading I am a lazy wuss

my sole reader has spoken…

I feel like putting up a new page this weekend and I am going with the will of the person. One person requested Mego Flash Gordon, so this weekend I’ll snap some shots Flash, Dale and Ming and get ’em up!

My next toy page will be…

you decide! suckerman mego flash gordon shoot out in space Let me know what you want me to do next in the comments. Still don’t have a good poll plug in yet for wordpress.

New System Is LIVE!

So I moved the testing environment live tonight. BEM is now a wordpress powered site! I love it. WordPress rocks. I am planning to add a links page to each toy as well, so if you have suggestions, stick ’em in the comments for the main page for each toy. There might be a few … Continue reading New System Is LIVE!


Added 5 different toys to WordPress. Took longer than hoped. Have to go back and edit some of the code because the relative URLs all broke. oh well. Be done soon…


Just found a very cool Italian line of toys called TH3. Kinda magnemo-ish, but without the magnets. They are a sci-fi themed toy line with lite up stuff. I’ll eventually take pictures and post them, but a quick google search will probably reveal some pics for the curious.

Hello world!

I just upgraded The BEM to a wordpress blog system. Now I can post whatever random toy thoughts come my way and have a CMS for the toys themselves. No more broken links! Yeah! Hope you like it. Look forward to seeing any comments as well. Toodles. Rick “The BEM” Sanchez.

Classic toys and ephemera from the 70s