Alien Chase Target Set

Since 1979 I have been mildly obsessed by the movie Alien and its many sequels. I got the Kenner 18″ Alien for Christmas that year and I’ve been collecting Alien toys ever since. I never saw the Alien Chase Target Set as a kid but sure would have loved it. I particularly like the Alien dart gun. Very 40’s futuristic.

3 thoughts on “Alien Chase Target Set”

  1. I have a sealed one. Those smiling kids crack me up for some reason as if staring at “Stop the growing Alien, etc…” I was not smiling at all when I was 9 leaving the theater in 1979. BTW, this H-G Toys Alien Chase Target Set along with its larger cousin the H-G Toys Alien Giant Blaster Target Set are very rare but still cool even in spite of those happy late 70’s kids. Ha

    1. Have you seen the box for the Super7 Alien playset? Kids are equally jolly but in a more mocking way.

      And I know exactly what you mean about walking away from the movie. I was terrified before the word ALIEN was fully in place.

      Would you consider taking a few shots of your target set for te site?

      1. Sorry, I don’t know how to upload pics here. However, this is an example of the H-G Toys Alien Chase Target Set that is used and not sealed:

        The contents of mine are still factory sealed. The box lid with the graphics is separate from the plastic sealed contents of the target set. The lid was made to lift off to reveal the contents of the sealed set inside. The contents of the example in that link have been opened. Click on the listing, and you can see the pics. Very rare indeed.

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