Diakron Multi-Force 14

From Takara, purveyor of Micronauts, Timanic, Transformers and Microman, comes the fleet of ships on one giant robot Diakron Multi-Force. Check out the back to see how his various limbs and body parts become a huge array of smaller ships. Takara, more than any other company, nailed the transforming bot toy category. It would have been so awesome if they’d done a film partnership with Toho. I could totally see this guy going toe to toe with Godzilla.

One thought on “Diakron Multi-Force 14”

  1. The number of licensed and bootleged iterations of this toy is *staggering.* I’ve gathered many web photos of these different variations as proof that this is indeed one of the most prolific toys in Takara’s Sci-fi land 🙂

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