American Zoids

Bird Type

“This Zoid has wings that flap and monstrous feet. He’s a monster machine that’s hard to beat.”

All the first US Zoids had little poems to accompany their packaging that reflected the animal type that the Zoid resembles. The Bird Type is one of the first three Zoids. As he moves forward on his feet, his wings flap up in down.

Elephant Type

“This Zoid has 2 huge ears and is sturdy and strong. He fills the land with fear as he walks along.”

The Elephant is the second of the first three US Zoids. He walks along on all four feet, although very slowly, and his ears sort of flap. Of all the wind up movements in the first series US Zoids, Elephant Type’s wing movement is perhaps the most lame.

T-Rex Type“This Zoid stands tall and lean. He’s strange and strong, ferocious and mean.”

The T-Rex Type is easily my favorite of the first series zoids. He has an excellent walk and is delightfully “ferocious.”

Spider Type“This Zoid has terrifying black legs that walk him along. He looks like a spider that’s fearsome and strong.”

This is one of the second series of US Zoids. Spider Type, probably looks the coolest of all the black, blue and white Zoids. His spider legs give him a very interesting walk, and he moves along quite well as long as the surface is very smooth.

Frog Type“This Zoid swims on the water and roams o the ground. He’s the creepiest Zoid that’s yet to be found.”

Another of the second series, the Frog Type, as its name suggests, is amphibious, moving through water on its two fins and pontoons, or rolling along a solid surface on wheels hidden beneath the body. In the water, this Zoid is actually quite mobile, but something about its construction keeps it from moving more than an inch or two on land.

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  1. It is surely a law somewhere that zoids should be referred to by the european release names?







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