Baccus III Star Wolf

The Baccus III Star Wolf is Vic Morrow’s ship in Message From Space. There are two versions I know of, a silver skinned one that is more faithful to the actual film, and a bright blue window box version. Both have firing missiles.

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  1. Thanks for this long-delayed answer from MFS. Until I found this site, I thought the Star Wolf was the outer space “cop car” that crashes while pursuing the Galaxy Runner and Comet Fire. But I have to ask, where in the movie (or anywhere else..) did we see Vic Morrow having his own ship? A “director’s cut” somewhere, perhaps? By the way, for years I had a Polk’s Model Hobbies (a giant and wonderful NYC store long since closed) catalog that listed a plastic model Star Wolf (along with the Galaxy Runner/Comet Fire/Liabe), but I don’t think one was ever made. Or I haven’t seen it. Yet…..

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