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Lots of Stuff on Ebay

Cleaning house. Check out my ebay auctions for a bunch of great toys. WWII War Heroes, Mego Knights, Fighting Furies, Action Jackson, Pulsar and more.

Added Microman, War Heroes, Zee Toys Firebirds, and Superman to the site

US MarauderStarted a fledgling Microman section. I won’t try to replicate the awesome work done by other sites cataloging this massive toy line, but you will find nice photos from my collection. If you’re not familiar with this line of awesome Japanese toys, take a look at my first posting – The Microman Speed Jumper.

Like WWII? Check out the War Heroes. A line of Mego like action heroes from the Big One. Both carded and loose photos.

Traditional super heroes more your bag, baby? Come fly with Superman. Lex, Jor El, and General Zod all grace the BEM.

And for the die cast fan in you, don’t miss the Zee Toys Firebirds.

Shortly = 5 Months & Jay J. Arms

Jay J. Arms and his Goodies
Jay J. Arms and his Goodies

Okay, I said I’d soon put up Jay J. Arms, aka JJ Arms pages. It only took me FIVE WHOLE MONTHS!

I work on glacial speed settings. But hey, I was trying to finish my novel, write some comics, and do a bunch of other crap to avoid actually doing things I’m supposed to do. Any way, here you go. JJ. Enjoy.

Eventually I’ll get around to posting the stuff I have on his super cool 70’s van!

I promise.

Real soon now…

Click here for all the Arms goodness!

Working on J.J. Arms

In the next few days I’ll finish up with TH3 Project pages and start adding a page or two on handless detective J.J. Arms. I had this one as a kid and loved it. Made me want to lose my hands…

Want to talk toys?

I have added an area where you can just talk about toys, leave me feedback, or whatever. It is non toy specific, and is really just a comments page. so not a lot of functionality. I’ll try to find a real forum tool for WordPress and add that to the site so we can have a better time chatting if it gets used a lot.