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Timanic Green Space Traveler

New pics of the Space Traveler 3 and his Nic Machine in the Timanic section!

Ideal Star Team

IDEAL’s long running S.T.A.R. Team line of space toys finally makes it’s way to the site. Check out Battling Spaceships, Darth Vadar – I mean Knight of Darkness, and more!

Frak! Site borked.

Sorry, we had a template meltdown. The site is sort of back up…sort of. I’ll get it sorted out eventually. Sorry for any inconvenience.

UPDATE: Site less borked. But still not back to good old BEM.

UPDATE 2: Okay, the site is a WHOLE LOT less borked. My old template is experiencing a confidence shattering FAIL, so I’ve had to put a new skin on the old girl. Gone is the page specific graphic for each toy. I miss that. But the template is a lot easier to maintain now, which might result in more updates. I did keep my Orbitron in the front page welcome message. The search for Orbitron was the one that started the site and he’s been featured on it one way or another since 1998. I welcome your thoughts. How’s it look?

Been adding to the site

Slowly but surely, more toys coming online. For this latest update, catch the following:

Ray Guns: Lots and lots of awesome space guns. A Mazinga ray gun, Flash Gordon (the movie) gun, and some other cool ones. Totally worth looking at.

TH3 Project: Added a Thur gun and a page on the ZX series of guns. Related to above, sure, but TH3 baby.

Micronauts: A Grandstand Toys knock off Deltarian Fighter. Have to see it to believe it.

Enjoy! More to come.

What’s up?

Ideal Cap Gun

Been watching vintage Electric Company with my 6 year old. I still love Easy Reader. Also just finished watching the American version of Life on Mars. What a spectacular show!

Watching that awesome 70’s-ness turned my thoughts to toys and BEM. So a few updates.

Check out the new Ray Guns category. Lots more coming there.

Also check out the crazy cool Deltarian Fighter in the Micronauts section. If you are a micro fan, so worth checking out.

Mini update to Rom the Space Knight

Added a box shot of the Palitoy Action Man Rom the Space Knight version.