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You wouldn’t believe the amount of junk that was made to go along with the Buck Rogers TV show.

We’ve got everything from trading cards, to lunch boxes, costumes, diecast ships, and an unproduced radio controlled walking Twiki.

According to a 1980 toys show catalog, the walking Twiki is a “…radio controlled robot a full 12 inches high. Twiki walks forward while turning its head from side to side. It also follows your commands to turn rleft and right. But thta’s just the beginning. The radio controlled transmitter sends your voice through Twiki and makes him beep. In addition, Twiki carries Dr. Theopolis, its own LED lit computer right on it’s chest. Twiki, the robot tat does so much it’s almsot human.” I don’t believe this toy was ever made, but wouldn’t

it have been cool to have a robot Twiki?

Trading Cards

Board Game

Diecast Starfighter Two Pack


here for larger view

Large Diecast Starfighter

Loose small Starfighter

Loose large Starfighter

Small diecast Starfighter


Colorforms Adventuer Set




Playset Interior




Laser Gun


Halloween Costume

Buck Rogers

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  1. Way back in the day, my dad used a pair of tin snips, a small file and a couple of dabs of white Testors enamel to remove all evidence of the “safety bar” across the front of my small Starfighter. 28 years later it’s sitting in the change cup of my car, waiting to pick off any Marauders who might try to cut me off on the freeway.

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