Working on J.J. Arms

In the next few days I’ll finish up with TH3 Project pages and start adding a page or two on handless detective J.J. Arms. I had this one as a kid and loved it. Made me want to lose my hands…

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  1. Hi!

    First and foremost, congrats on this very informative site. My kind of stuff (as a designer). Me and some friends started on a blog about toys since we felt a lot of information is not only scattered around the web, but sometimes hard to find or inexistent. Hence the importance of actions such as yours (and ours, of course).

    2nd, although our blog focus mainly on 3 3/4″ reviews for the moment, it also has a lot of 80s and early 90s toys you and your readers may be interested in. And trust me, a LOT of stuff to come. But time marches on and it´s not our job, unfortunately.

    3rd, we have a TH3 helmet/mask (1:1 scale) and I do know I had a pistol (1:1 scale) that a neighbor stole from me some 20 years ago… the d$#%hole.

    Be our guest as I just made myself one (of your site) and share some thoughts. One thing´s for sure, we´ll ask your opinion about some items in the future. Hope to be of help if you need any.


    JoMi Toys

  2. THANK you! I thought I was the only person in the world who’d heard of JJ Arms. I still have the action figure (I hope), although the last itme I saw it — years ago, literally — the hair had turned white in storage. Also, I think the spring action on one of the accessory hands had worn out. I remember seeing him on, I dunno, Mike Douglas’ or Merv Griffin’s show, telling his story and promoting the action figure. Looking forward to updates to this column. If I ever do find mine, I’ll gladly send some pics.

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