Time Machine

The Timanic TimeMachine¬†vehicles are rather different from the NicMachines. They’re larger, for one, and battery powered. If you connect a Space Traveler to the rail of a battery powered Time Machine, the head will glow.


Time Machine 1

This is almost certainly the strangest of all the Timanic vehicles, resembling a deranged mechanical bug with two feelers to each side and a long proboscis in the front. Of all the vehicles, this is the only one that is motorized. The round ball in the back contains a set of motorized wheels that send this baby rolling. To attach the figure, you must remove his arms and legs.


Time Machine 2

I would swear that this vehicle was made by completely different designers than the rest of the toy line. Why? Because it looks like a normal race car. It is battery powered, so the figure will light up, but no motor. To attach the figure you have to remove his legs.

Time Machine 3

Time Machine 3, along with the green Space Traveler figure, are the two hardest to find of all the toys in the Timanic line.

Naturally, my favorite color is green. Grr.

This Time Machine looks like a more traditional space craft. Interesting, certainly, but not the most exciting of the Timanics.

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