Takara’s NicMachines are the smaller of the Timanic vehicles. All of the vehicles are built on a magnetic rail system. Different parts of the vehicle are attached to the rail either by sliding on, or by the magnets themselves. The Timanic Space Travelers have magnets as part of their body and attach to the rail by those magnets. Unlike the larger TimeMachines, the NicMachines do not have batteries.

NicMachine 1

This vehicle matches Space Traveler 1 in color but works just as well with either of the figures. This model has no motorized parts or batteries, but the fan spins and it comes with a missile launcher. The Traveler sits with his back to the rail and his legs attached below the hovercraft assembly.

NicMachine 2

The second NicMachine looks a lot like a sled. A Traveler sits in the middle of the rail assembly. Although this machine is designed for the blue Traveler, it comes with a red missile launcher which adds a nice touch of color, don’t you think?

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