NYCC: Super7

20121023-104033.jpgIf you don’t love Super 7 then there is something wrong with you. These guys are even more into toys and pop culture than I am.

Back at SDCC I brought you some pictures of Super 7’s plans to release a line of 4 inch Alien figures based on toy molds developed at the time of the theatrical release. The toys were scrapped, but the prototypes survived. Decades later we finally get a Ripley toy, but not one of her in her panties.

Super 7 is also doing fast food style glasses based on Alien to coincide with the figure release. At NYCC they had color comps – which look fracking awesome!

(Already setting aside money for the full line of toys and glasses, Frank!)

There was also a display for a Shogun style Boba Fett. Super 7 had previously done a Shogun Stormtrooper (which I wish I had) – but the Boba looks even better!

So check out the pics. Go visit the Super 7 Store site, or of you are a San Fran local, visit their shop. Then buy their stuff!



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