Red Falcon

redfalcon-box1An imported Micronaut from GiG’s Italian line, I Micronauti, Red Falcon uses Takara’s Magnemo 11 magnetic ball joint system, making him easily re-configured in much the same way that Baron Karza or Force Commander can be. The way it works is that on the ends of RF’s arms, legs, heads and wings are 11mm ball bearings. In RF’s torso are magnets. The magnets hold the appendages in place and allow for easy posing of the figure.

The arms can be pulled out and replaced with his wings. Both the arms and legs attach using ball bearings and magnets in the torso. Because Red Falcon came from Italy, he is one of the most difficult to find, and expensive, figures in the Micronauts toy line.

The figure can also transform into a, well, a red falcon. The legs, arms and head are removed from the torso. A falcon body and head are attached to the torso, as well as the wings, feet and tail. Red Falcon comes with a giant sword, and, like all the Magnemo 11 style figures, his two fists can be fired like rockets.

Red Falcon is very similar to a Takara magno toy named Death Cross. Both Death Cross and Red Falcon were imitated with cheaply made clones that could become birds or motorcycles, depending on the line.

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  1. Hey there,

    Some years ago (well before the Pallisades re-release) I picked up a loose Baron Karza with what looks like a Red Falcon wing/body set. The wings, falcon body and falcon head are all in black. This isn’t a repro – it probably has a date on it, but I’d have to dig it out. I think it is most likely a clone. Do you know anything about this version?

  2. hmmm. Pallisades did a bunch of Red Falcon like figs that were different colors, it isn’t one of them? There are a number of Red Falcon clones that have the same wing set ups but are done in inferior plastics. I’ll do a post on the front page with some pics.

  3. I seem to have stumbled upon two different types of RED FALCON both complete with their boxes. Unfortunately only one came with instructions.
    Here is my problem/question…
    I had thought that the first one I purchased was missing the small yellow (6) missiles. I bought a second complete figure in order to sell the first one, and that is when I realize that my original version already possessed 4 rubber-tipped missiles. Their packaging is also different, one is showing where the rubber missiles are held in place and the other (with the 6 missiles) with no such feature… What to do?

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