Action Jackson

Action Jackson isn’t just a bad movie by Carl Weathers! It’s a line of 8 inch action figures from Mego. Well, more correctly, it is few¬†action figures with a line of uniforms that he could don to tackle everything from a spy mission to an arctic adventure. The body was the same one used for other lines like Starsky and Hutch, the super heroes and Star Trek toys. I’ve never particularly liked the AJ heads though, so I ended up decking out the easier to obtain figures with AJ outfits.

Like any good action figure, he had aliases and put in foreign appearances. Mego also released AJ sets under the Johnny Jackson name and in over seas markets.

In addition to outfits, AJ had a number of vehicles and more complex accessories to keep him in the action.

Action Jackson was introduced for the 1971 Christmas season and by all reports was a big seller, but by 1974 the line had fallen into decline.

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