Lion Rock War Heroes

My dad loved WWII movies. I used to love watching them with him. Whenever Kelly’s Heroes, The Longest Day, or The Devil’s Brigade was on TV, you could bet a dollar and win that he and I and my little brother would be sitting in front of the TV with some Yanks knocking the SS out of some Nazis.

I didn’t really have any war toys though, just the green and tan army men. But if I’d seen the Lion Rock War Heroes, I soooooooo would have wanted them. They’re a bit smaller than a standard Mego figure, about 7 inches tall, and actually a bit better made. The accessories are also just cool as hell. But see for yourself.

Like so many other toys of the era, they came in alternate packaging and under different names as well. Check out the Polish? figures at the bottom. Is it just me, or does that Scottish soldier look suspiciously like Sean Connery from The Longest Day?



4 thoughts on “Lion Rock War Heroes”

  1. Line is very impressive, not also for the similar look to GIJoe or Action Man Palitoy (or spanish Madelman) but for the realistic look.

    Is very hard to find in Europe.

    Do anybody know somewhere to buy on-line in Europe or U.S.A.?


    Mail to:

  2. These were originally made by Lion Rock, better known as Mego. These particular versions are regarded as “knock-offs” or “bootlegs.” They are, nonetheless, very well made. Thank you for the excellent pictures of them.

  3. I bought the paratrooper and marine back in the 70s at a store called Zares. I played for hours and absolutely loved them. I still have them with the catalog. They have to be extremely rare. I can still always find tons of Action Jackson and other Mego on eBay, but can’t seem to find any of the Johnny Action. I would love to by more if the set. Great memories!! Any ideas?


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