I don’t know that there are a lot of Bladerunner toys out there. Certainly not from when the film was originally released. I’m not sure when exactly these two toys date to, but they are awfully cool. Deckard and Rachael’s Spinners, die cast cars from Ertl.

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  1. Actually, these do date from the time of the film’s original release. I picked up the orange one when I was a kid, remember it very well. Still have it, too!

  2. ERTL put out four 1/64 Scale Lasting Quality Die-Cast Metal Replica that are TM: 1982. c. The Blade Runner Partnership. All Rights Reserved. Unfortunately I did not keep the sale receipt at the time I purchased them. At least I purchased one each of the four available at the time. So I assume that I would have purchased them in 1982, and at the latest 1983. I wished I had had the forethought and had bought more. Anyways that’s history.
    I purchased them, which I assume would have been in 1982 for $3.95 CANADIAN DOLLARS each, and I think I actually got them at a local hobby shop. Although I may have purchased them at at toy store at the time called “Toy World”.
    The following four vehicles were put out:

    DECKARD’S GROUND CAR Asst. #1885 #1871 – Dark Brown

    DECKARD’S CHASE SPINNER Asst. #1885 #1872 – Blue

    BRYANT’S POLICE SPINNER Asst. #1885 #1873 – Dark Blue

    RACHEL’S SPINNER Asst. #1885 #1874 – Orange

    I still have them fortunately in mint condition in their original packaging.

    And as far as anything else coming out at the time I cannot provide any information in that regards. I guess we would have to check out other professional or fan sites devoted to “Blade Runner” in general to find if any other toys were available at the time.
    Of course in 2012 Warner Brothers Entertainment Inc., Distributed by Warner Home Video released a special boxed Combo Pack (Blu-ray + DVD) “Blade Runner” 30th Anniversary Collector’s Edition. Bar code: 8 – 83929-27573 – 1 that includes a:
    Blade Runner Spinner Car that is silver and black with a number 27 on the rear sides of the car. It’s nicely done in it’s own protective plastic case.
    Hope this information is useful to all.

  3. I bought a single package containing all 4 at a KayBee Toy store at the mall in Waterbury, CT around 1983. I still have the cars, but not the package.

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