Small Ships

The ships that Mattel produced for Battlestar Galactica were miniature versions. You couldn’t use any of the action figures with these ships, but that didn’t make them any less cool. Each ship had a miniature, articulated pilot to put in the cockpit and some great detailing. The first series of ships came with spring based missile launchers. After a choking incident involving one of the missiles Mattel recalled the products and released peace bonded versions of the toys. There were two sets of peace bonded ships. One set still had spring loaded missiles that you could lock in place and pretend to fire. Some clever kids discovered you could take the toy apart, file down part of the missile, and still shoot it though, so Mattel issued versions of the toys with glued in missiles.

Cylon Raider

Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider Box

A miniature Cylon pilot is included with the raider and fits in the cockpit. The wings open up to reveal two missile launchers.

Colonial Viper

Mattel Battlestar Galactica Viper

All of the Colonial ships come with a miniature Colonial Warrior to pilot the ship. The Viper’s wings swivel up and down and the nose piece of the ship detaches.

Colonial Stellar Probe

Battlestar Galactica Stellar Probe BoxBattlestar Galactica Stellar Probe Back

This is actually one of the neatest ships. Virtually every part can be reassebled to create a rocket, a satellite, or a Viper like ship.

Colonial Scarab


The Scarab kind of looks cool, but isn’t as much fun as the others. The only interchangeability in this toy is that you can swap the cockpit assembly with the rocket assembly.This toy had could fire darts from three different areas.

5 thoughts on “Small Ships”

  1. I had the most awesome time with these toys. Thanks for putting up pics. The images of the boxes conjured back some memories of Christmas morning. I had somehow gotten the spring loaded early versions of the ships and they were incredibly cool.

  2. I would so way beyond love to own one of those wickedly rare “Colonial Land Rams” – sadly, that’s not gonna happen.

  3. Had the Stellar Probe myself! Figured out how to take it apart & when I saw the missile in the thing I touched it just a little bit & it shot out!! Never did file it down tho, it fell down a radiator grate & was lost forever!

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