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atlantic-galaxy-serie-catalogAtlantic was an Italian toy company that existed from 1966 to 1984, best known for their scale model soldiers. Starting in 1978, they jumped on the sci fi bandwagon and introduced a new line of space themed figures and accessories called Galaxy Serie, or Galaxy Series. The line included seven figures, a half dozen vehicles, a playset and a space checkers board game.

The cool thing about Galaxie Serie is the resemblance to 70’s and 80’s European sci fi graphic novels, Heavy Metal being the best known among them. You can almost see Mobius in these figures.

The first series of figures included Sky-Man, Humbot the robot, Zephton, the evil nemesis, and Dynatlon, the evil robot. The second group of figures, which are much more rare, brought Sky-Girl (a love interest?), Hypnos (no relation to the enemy of Pulsar) and Sloggy, the alien snail man, that I want more than any other figure in the line.

3 thoughts on “Atlantic Toys Galaxy Serie”

  1. Yeah, I’m a bit of a fan:

    (My Hypnos is not photographed yet as he’s severely damaged and will undergo some restoration with any luck.)

    Best site for info and pics on the “serie”:

    I really want that Falcon ship, preferably not the tank version. I really wish they made Skorpion…there’s also odd missile-launching variants of many of the figures, in place of the arms in Dynatlon’s case.

    1. YOU HAVE SLOGGY! So awesome.

      They are wicked cool. Thanks for the link to that site. How did I not know about it?

  2. Yeah, the Sloggy was a real lucky find…a shame about his arms (though he doesn’t look too bad without them), but I’m glad I was able to get him without breaking the bank along with some extra Dynatlons and a Xephton. 🙂

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