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I started this site back in 1996 or so as an homage to the classic toys of the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s that fueled my imagination and brought countless hours of joy to play time. I was inspired by the other toy lovers I found via Usenet and the nascent Internet, and wanted to contribute to the collective knowledge of toydom. Much of what is documented on my site has probably been superceded by countless WIKIs, but I enjoy the site as much as I enjoy my toys, so I keep it up anyway.

I currently own, or have owned, most of the toys pictured. Some pictures were donated by other collectors who wanted to see some of their old favorites up on the site as well. I have about a half dozen toy lines yet to put up, including Super Joe, POTA, BladeRunner, Space 1999, and the Mego Flash Gordon toys.

None of the toys on this site are for sale, but if you’d like to write in and let me know what you think about anything you found here, let me know!

Thanks for reading and happy toy collecting! New posts below!

3 thoughts on “About The BEM”

  1. Hi all!
    Help please! Does anyone remember a series of hardback full colour books showing technical data for a huge range of space craft? From memory they were written in such a way that in 1980 my parents had to explain that it wasn’t real! I spent many hours picking out the best bits to create my own ships, and found some of my drawings recently, but the book(s) are long gone.
    Any information gratefully received!!
    Thanks, Jeremy

  2. Star Bird Remake-Lets start a petition to Hasbro to do a remake of start bird. Think this is possible?



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