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Mego Kiss Dolls

One of Mego’s very odd licensing choices: Kiss. Sure they were huge. And awesome. And had an Army. But 12″ dolls? Im glad they did ’cause I love Kiss, but still…Mego Kiss

NYCC: Megos?

My love affair with Mego started with the Star Trek figures and their little blue phasers and communicators, so I was very pleasantly surprised to discover these modern Mego ST:TNG figures.

I realize they probably are old news, but I honestly don’t follow new toys much or at all, so discovering these in a booth at NYCC was a moment of joy.

Yes, I bought them.

Updated classics
Picard! Picaaaard!
I so want my borg to go head to head with my Romulan.

Micronauts Rocket Tubes Blueprints

Rocket Tubes Blueprints

Been meaning to repost this for quite a while. Over on Micronauts Home World, there is a great article about Mego’s original plans for their Rocket Tubes toy. I won’t spoil it for you, but suffice it to say, if you’re a Micro junkie, it is a great read. I had a set of Rocket Tubes and LOVED them. The idea of a vacuum powered racing set…Just too cool for words.

So skip on over and take a look.