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Commodore 64 is Back!

I do sometimes diverge from the realm of toys on BEM. But usually only with a good reason.

The return of one of the seminal computers of my youth seems like a good enough one. Commodore USA just announced they were bringing back the C64. Not the original one, but a brand new computer in C64 housing. I don’t normally get PCs. I’m a Mac guy. But this one I just might have to have.

Read more about it over at my other site: Conform and Obey.

Time Tunnel Toys Show

Next weekend is the Time Tunnel Toy Show in San Jose. Great place to pick up stuff. Let me know if you’ll be there, would love to say hello!

Pimping Resident Evil

Continuing in the vein of posts unrelated to toys: Comic Monsters did an interview with me to promote the release of the Resident Evil comic series I’m writing.

Comic Monsters

Fear not, I went to the toy show this past weekend and picked up a Star Wars Electronic Laser Battle Game that I will post about soon.

Resident Evil #1 by Me

Ok, I realize my two most recent posts are not toy related. But I don’t care. In the course of a week, I have realized two long time goals.

1. Owning a Corvette Stingray. (see previous post)

2. Write a comic book.

But not just any comic! A comic based on one of my favorite game franchises, Resident Evil, for the largest English language comics publisher in the world, DC Comics via their Wildstorm imprint.

I am having a good month.

I will get back to toys next week after the San Jose toy show.

Doctor Who – Blink

I used to have a lot of TV and movie related stuff on BEM, but took it down when I re-did the site. I’m not going to focus on this by any means, but I love sci-fi and movies and TV, so it will occasionally show up.

Last night, I was watching the new Doctor Who. I’m up to Series 3. I enjoy it. It’s a fun show. But it hasn’t rocked my world or anything. Until I saw an episode called Blink. 

Scary as hell and effing brilliant! I love a good time travel mystery and this one really delivers. Starts off with a young lady in a spooky old house peeling off some old wallpaper with a message from The Doctor from 1963. The Doctor is hardly in the episode, but it was brilliant none the less. 

If you’re not a Doctor Who fan, or if you haven’t watched Series 3 and this episode yet, you really should. I’ve re-watched it twice and love it more each time.