Black Genius

Black Genius is the evil villain in the TH3 Project universe. Obviously. Being in black armor and and all. Very Darth Vadarish. Hmmm…Anyway, he has some very cool black armor with red accents and a great red gun. His helmet is green and matches the secondary accent color on the figure. Unlike the ladies helmets in the TH3 Project world, Black Genius has a big transparent face shield, Dexter-like.

The Black Genius playset comes with an electronic gun battery with lights powered by the universal TH3 Project power brick and leds. This particular set has a targeting screen and a separate radar screen. One of the pieces is a transparent tube that adds to the sci fi accents of these toys.

Black Genius Box Front
Black Genius Box Back
What's Inside The Box?
Black Genius at his Gun
I am, too sexy for my armor, too sexy for armor!
The targeting screen lit up

Gotta love Italian design!

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