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Batman at SDCC

Adam West era Batman is still my favorite. There was a lot of great stuff to see for the Batman 66 fan. Here are some photos of my favorites. 

Super7 Alien ReAction SDCC Exclusives

Going to San Diego ComicCon? Love the classic sci-fi film Alien? Super7 will soon be releasing a line of Alien toys based on a discontinued set of Alien toys from 1979. I’ve been writing about these figures since last SDCC and am super excited about them. Last week, Super7 announced the new goodies they’ll have at this forthcoming SDCC. Behold! Super7 Alien ReAction SDCC Exclusives that will be available at the show!

Exclusive #1: The Early Bird Package

Remember the Star Wars Early Bird package? A platform that the figures could stand on and a cool background? Super7 has recreated that wonderful beast in the form of an Alien display stand. In addition to the stand, you get a Space Club Membership Card, ALIEN photos, and a sheet of ALIEN stickers! Just pre-order the full set of figures for $100 and they’ll hand you the Early Bird Package on the spot.

Exclusive #2: “Sales Samples”

Super7 is producing two unpainted figures and selling them as discontinued “sales samples” that a toy salesman from the 70’s might have toted around at the 1979 Toy Fair. They come complete with a box and catalog with “Canceled” stamped across them. Unlike the Early Bird, you can actually pick this baby up at San Diego for $40.

Exclusive #3: Figure Bases

If you have old Star Wars figures, you know they have a hole in the foot so you can peg them to a playset. The Alien ReAction figures have those same holes, and Super7 has made some cool branded figure bases that will keep your Ripley standing no matter what Big Chap throws at her. Best of all, they’re free, just sign up for their mailing list at SDCC.

Display Stand

Exclusive #4: Toy Catalog

Remember the mini-booklet toy catalogs you used to get with your toys? This is Super7’s version documenting the Alien ReAction figures. To get this one, just show up!


Super 7 Alien Toys

San Francisco toy maker Super 7 has managed to track down the original molds for a line of 3 3/4 inch figures based on the original Alien film and will be releasing a new line of Alien toys ’13.

More to come, but here are some quickie shots.

Me at San Diego ComicCon 2011

Signing at the DC booth

Totally off topic for BEM, but if you’re curious about my trip to SDCC, head on over to Conform And Obey.

I do a quick recap of my trip with some good pictures for the nerds and geeks out there (that includes me btw.)

There is a picture of a TOTALLY hot Tinker Bell if you need a reason to look…

Love those ray guns of SDCC


For the steam punk, retro sci fi lover in you comes these FREAKING AWESOME ray guns from Dr. Grordbort. If I were rich, which I’m not, I would totally have a wall of these things. It is a good thing I have a very strict budget when I go to SDCC.

Dr. Grordbort's Guns

Toys of ComicCon 2011


ComicCon 2011 was another great show. As always, there were TONS of toys for fans of pretty much, well, anything. There were a few though that really caught my eye. My hands down favorite was the re-release/re-creation of The Outer Space Men. You’ll note the red one, Orbitron, who is the unofficial mascot of the site. I don’t generally by repros of old toys, but with these I may just make an exception.

The Outer Space Men

There's my boy! Sniffle.

But wait! There is a runner up. Hasbro, which maintains a store on the show floor if you can believe it, did have one toy set I liked. Not a remake, or vintage-ish, but based on one of my all time favorite movies. For the low low price of $80, you could pick up a six figure set of Indiana Jones figures. I love Indiana Jones…Be sure to check out the close up on Toht. I’m meeeeeelting! I’m meeeeelting!

Indiana Jones Collector's Set

Toht, he melts, he heils!