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Lost in Space Board Game

I don’t usually like the remake better than the original, but I really liked the Lost in Space movie. Maybe it was just seeing Mimi Rogers in that outfit of hers. But it was probably evil Gary Oldman.

Outer Limits Board Game

I love the artwork on the cover of this game. It completely captures the look of the old show, especially the green dude.

Dungeon – a Dungeons & Dragons Board Game

When that Dungeons & Dragons itch strikes but you don’t want to deal with cranky DMs, there is the TSR Dungeon board game.

Undercover – The Game of Secret Agents

From the height of the cold war comes Undercover – The Game of Secret Agents. Undercover Board Game

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Board Game

Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is one of my favorite classic movies. It did such a spectacular job of visualizing the Jules Verne novel and really brought the book alive for me. Part of what makes the story so compelling is Captain Nemo, He’s driven by noble goals, but his pursuit of them is flawed at best, immoral at worst. So the idea of a board game where your task is to navigate the Nautilus away from gun boats that would prevent Nemo’s somewhat dastardly plan seems like a bit of a flawed concept.

Still a cool game though.