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Twinkie the Kid

Okay, not really a toy. but i ate a lot of Twinkies in the 70’s and this Twinkie holder from the 70’s is awesome.

Magnavox Odyssey Game System

For those of us of a certain vintage, the Magnavox Odyssey Game System was the toy to have one Christmas long ago. My neighbor had one and we played the hell out of it. Getting two people on that controller was sure a pain though.

Ben Cooper Costumes

Costumes from the 70s and earlier were a lot simpler (and less comfortable) than current ones. But if you were going to go out on Halloween back then, chances are you were sporting a Ben Cooper costume. My brother and I definitely wore our share. The ones below probably wouldn’t have been tops on our list of costumes, but they are still pretty awesome.





Planet of the Apes Album

Found this the other day. I hadn’t really thought much about the sound track to Planet of the Apes, but I picked it up anyway and ended up enjoying it quite a bit. It’s no Logan’s Run theme, but still pretty good.