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Krull Board Game

Krull was a 1983 fantasy movie set on a distant planet named Krull. An evil being simply called “The Beast” has invaded the planet. In an attempt to stave off his army of slayers, the son and daughter of rival kingdoms are set to marry so they can unite to fight off the Beast. But, of course, the Beast has other plans and kidnaps the girl. The rest of the movie is spent hunting down the Beast’s fortress. And there you have the set up for this board game! Race to the Black Fortress and princess!

Diecast Toys

Found a site dedicated to diecast vehicles that has some pretty cool info, Suncoast Diecasters. If you’re into collecting 1/64th scale miniature vehicles, you should definitely check them out.

GI Joe

I always wanted GI Joe toys as a kid, but I was a bit too young to get them in their heyday. I’ve never collected them because of their price, but I would sure like to.

Super7 Alien ReAction SDCC Exclusives

Going to San Diego ComicCon? Love the classic sci-fi film Alien? Super7 will soon be releasing a line of Alien toys based on a discontinued set of Alien toys from 1979. I’ve been writing about these figures since last SDCC and am super excited about them. Last week, Super7 announced the new goodies they’ll have at this forthcoming SDCC. Behold! Super7 Alien ReAction SDCC Exclusives that will be available at the show!

Exclusive #1: The Early Bird Package

Remember the Star Wars Early Bird package? A platform that the figures could stand on and a cool background? Super7 has recreated that wonderful beast in the form of an Alien display stand. In addition to the stand, you get a Space Club Membership Card, ALIEN photos, and a sheet of ALIEN stickers! Just pre-order the full set of figures for $100 and they’ll hand you the Early Bird Package on the spot.

Exclusive #2: “Sales Samples”

Super7 is producing two unpainted figures and selling them as discontinued “sales samples” that a toy salesman from the 70’s might have toted around at the 1979 Toy Fair. They come complete with a box and catalog with “Canceled” stamped across them. Unlike the Early Bird, you can actually pick this baby up at San Diego for $40.

Exclusive #3: Figure Bases

If you have old Star Wars figures, you know they have a hole in the foot so you can peg them to a playset. The Alien ReAction figures have those same holes, and Super7 has made some cool branded figure bases that will keep your Ripley standing no matter what Big Chap throws at her. Best of all, they’re free, just sign up for their mailing list at SDCC.

Display Stand

Exclusive #4: Toy Catalog

Remember the mini-booklet toy catalogs you used to get with your toys? This is Super7’s version documenting the Alien ReAction figures. To get this one, just show up!


Tim Mee Galaxy Laser Team

wpid-Photo-Apr-23-2013-1132-AM.jpgJust added a new section to the site, Tim Mee Galaxy Laser Team. If you grew up in the 70’s there’s a pretty good chance you had something from the Tim Mee company. They made “processed plastic” figures with all kinds of themes and sold them in bags for pretty low prices. The ones that I liked were, of course, the sci fi themed ones that bear a slight resemblance to Star Wars. Who’d believe that might happen?

Gorgeous photos by a friend of mine. Very worth checking out. Just need to find the “X wing” space ships to round out the photo gallery.