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I don’t normally spend much time on toys from the 80’s (or later), but when said toys celebrate the stuff of the 70’s (or earlier) they just might catch my fancy. Such is the case with this line of Doctor Who toys from Dapol, a British toy company.

What I really like about these beauties is that they run the gamut of Doctors, including the one many consider to be THE Doctor, Tom Baker, as well as one of the less beloved, but possibly my favorite of the classic Doctors, Pertwee. They also produced a full line of villains.

Others have done a much better job of cataloging Dapol’s Doctor Who line, so I won’t attempt to, but here’s a quick visual introduction for those of you who might not have known about these great toys.

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  1. I am so hooked on Tom Baker Dr Who 74-81 that I just bought my first piece on this UK Dapol 1987 line. I also own a boxed 1979 Harber Dr Who Italian box

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