What self respecting action figure would be caught without a ship to fly in? Fortunately for Buck Rogers fans, there were a good number of ships made for the 3 3/4 inch line. Although all of them were, well, cheaply made, they were still very cool and actually pretty true to the show. The Draconian Marauder is notorious for the landing gear and cockpit hatch breaking. Both the Marauder and Starfighter have quite a few removable parts and are often found without them.

Exclusive to the Buck Rogers line, and fairly rare, are the Land Rover and Starfighter Command Center. The Rover was only seen in the pilot for the series, but is a pretty cool toy with a rotating gun that clicks as it turns, a mechanical engine sound, and an opening cockpit that can seat two figures. The Starfighter Command Center is almost impossible to find, and consists of little more than a plastic frame and a cardboard runway.

The final ship in our lineup is the Laserscope Fighter, which was also made as a toy for the Black Hole. To quote from a 1980 toy fair catalog, “Look through the viewscreen line up the target and press the control buttons, see and hear the lasers fire, the target will appear to expolde right before your eyes!… Includes a Telescopic Focus Control optic-effect view screen…” If that doesn’t sell you on it, nothing will.

Draconian Marauder

Buck Rogers 6Buck Rogers Draconian2

Laserscope Fighter

Buck Rogers Laserscope Fighter Box

Buck Rogers Laserscope Fighter

Land Rover

Buck Rogers Rover Catalog

Star Fighter

Buck Rogers Starfighter Loose Box

Star Fighter Command Center

Buck Rogers Starfighter Command

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