12 Inch Figures

In addition to the 3 3/4 inch figures Mego released for the film, there was a line of 12 inch figures. Figures is a bit of a misnomer, dolls is more accurate.

The dolls are very similar to Mego’s 12 inch super heroes, and the 12 inch figures that they created for Star Trek the Motion Picture. They are articulated at the ankle, knee, hip, waist, shoulder, elbow and wrist.

These figures are pretty easy to find loose, but boxed they command a hefty price. Most boxed figures alo suffer from the “grey head” syndrome. The plastic Mego used for their heads doesn’t age well and gives their toys a pretty hagard look.

Harry Booth

Alex Durant

Captain Dan Holland

Kate McCray

John Pizer

Hans Reinhardt

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