Want to talk toys?

I have added an area where you can just talk about toys, leave me feedback, or whatever. It is non toy specific, and is really just a comments page. so not a lot of functionality. I’ll try to find a real forum tool for WordPress and add that to the site so we can have a better time chatting if it gets used a lot.

14 thoughts on “Want to talk toys?”

  1. Didn’t know he had a headquarters playset. Wow. I’ll check it out.

    I was just checking out something for a friend’s son the other day. When I was really young (Born in ’69) I remember having a Playskool “Familiar Places” McDonald’s Playset. Just saw one on eBay the other day and just looking at took me back. If I find a pic of it, I’ll try to post it up here.

  2. I was rummaging through my boxes of junk the other day and came across two white, plastic turret embattlements.I blinked, double-blinked, and thought Aha! They’re from Tomy’s “Turn the Terrible Tank” game. Kinda fits in with the BEM theme, here. Anybody else remember that one?

    Secondly, anybody need those parts? I have no real use for them at the moment.

  3. What can you tell me about a riding toy called; Tony The pony. I have one that i bought for my daughter when she was about 3. She is now 48 so it it is quite old. It uses an electric fence battery, still can be purchased at Farm Supply stores.

  4. Got this from a Google search, Jim: “Large 32″ long and 23” tall Battery Operated Ride On Horse. Tony The Pony is one of the best! Turn his head to change directions – Go forward AND Backwards. Wow. 12Volt Battery is needed and can be purchased at any Radio Shack. These are the large lantern type batteries. A door under him swings open for the battery “shelf”. With any of these old Batop Ride Ons, you can also use the rechargeable batteries available at toy stores, you just need to add little clips to the end of Tony’s wires.” I’d say try on eBay or specific old toy websites.

  5. Hi there!

    I love your site and have literally spent hours reading the articles and reliving fond memories. I consider your site to be one of the foremost toy sites I have found, and that’s why I figured you might be able to help me identify some figures I recently found.

    The figures are all about 3 inches high and identical except for the color of their painted on clothes (white, light blue, and beige jumpsuits with a planet in a rectangle over their left breast). Their heads turn and so do their feet at the ankles, and their knees bend. They have the following written on their back: “Lesney Prod. Pat. Pend. Hong Kong”.

    All I could find was that Lesney/was part of Matchbox, but cannot find anything but die cast cars on that search.

    I could not find an e-mail address othewise I would send a picture. I would appreciate any help you can offer in identifying these figures. Thank you very much in advance.


    Bryan Williams

  6. Hey Bryan, if you want to sell them, let me know. I’d actually like to get my hands on some of them for my brother to replace the ones he says I took from his set 30 years ago. LOL

  7. Hi. after info on v.i.n.cent from black hole if anyone can help. any idea on a value. item loose no card. owned from new as a kid so has been played with.

    much obliged if can help. currently on ebay.

  8. Hi Jim and Jeff I also have a tony the pony my father gave it to me when I was about 4 years old I am now 46 years old. I love it I have it in my family room with my old trains set and other toys from my child hood.

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