Tron was one of those movies that formed a lasting impression on me as a kid. The visuals were unrivaled by anything I’d ever seen. Computers were just becoming more understood and the idea of a secret world inside the computer didn’t seem so far fetched. The Tomy toy company picked up the license for the movie to create a line of 3 3/4 inch figures and light cycles.

The four action figures were Tron, Sark, a generic Warrior and Flynn in the computer world. Each of the figures had a glow in the dark disc that could be mounted on their back. The Warrior, however, had a glow in the dark staff.

The Light Cycle toys were pull cord racers that you could put the figures in. You insert a plastic rip cord with teeth into the wheel area, pull the cord (spinning the wheel) then set the cycle on the ground to shoot off. It’s because of this that you rarely see a loose Light Cycle in good condition. Too many of them ended up skidding across pavement or ramming into walls. I’m aware of two colors of Light Cycles, yellow and red, although I’ve been told there is a green one as well.

A few years ago, another toy company licensed both the Tomy toy sculpts and the Tron license to re-issue the toy.

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