Toys of ComicCon 2011


ComicCon 2011 was another great show. As always, there were TONS of toys for fans of pretty much, well, anything. There were a few though that really caught my eye. My hands down favorite was the re-release/re-creation of The Outer Space Men. You’ll note the red one, Orbitron, who is the unofficial mascot of the site. I don’t generally by repros of old toys, but with these I may just make an exception.


The Outer Space Men


There's my boy! Sniffle.

But wait! There is a runner up. Hasbro, which maintains a store on the show floor if you can believe it, did have one toy set I liked. Not a remake, or vintage-ish, but based on one of my all time favorite movies. For the low low price of $80, you could pick up a six figure set of Indiana Jones figures. I love Indiana Jones…Be sure to check out the close up on Toht. I’m meeeeeelting! I’m meeeeelting!


Indiana Jones Collector's Set


Toht, he melts, he heils!

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  1. microbry

    I highly recommend the OSM remakes. I have all the variant releases so far and am waiting for the latest SDCC set to arrive. They are a blast to mash-up with each other and the Glyos line. I have some pics of mine here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/microbry/sets/72157625328919318/

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