ZX 271 Superpistola

Edison Giocatolli had a line of toy pistols that fired little yellow rubber bullets. I had one as a kid. The one I had was a model ZX 255 with a removable 4 bullet clip. I kind of like this one better. You load all four bullets in the revolver like nose, then manually move them into place for firing. There is a pull back cocking mechanism on the top of the barrel.

One of my favorite things about the Edison Giocatolli space guns is the grip. It’s hefty.

The ZX line is a more “realistic” line of guns than the TH3 line. You could almost imagine seeing these pistols used on films like Blade Runner, while the TH3 line looks more like BSG or Star Wars.

Edison Giocatolli ZX 271 rubber bullet pistol
Reverse view
Alternate model with barrel paint
The rubber bullets the gun fires

2 thoughts on “ZX 271 Superpistola”

  1. I had this gun when I was a kid.spent countless hours setting up targets just to knock them over and set them up again..wish I had one today

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