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This is probably my favorite of the TH3 Project toys. It comes with the big gun of the Attack set, complete with the base and swivel mount, has a full compliment of electronic components and light up screens, and comes with a figure. And unlike most American toys of the late 70’s, the gun still fires missiles! No peace bonding.

The set is highly configurable. You can rearrange where the video displays go, on the gun, or on a stand that can be attached to the gun’s swivel chair or to the gun’s base.

I believe, but am not positive, that the figure included with the set was chosen at  random. My set had Tharos, although Thur is pictured on the box.

Video Control Box Front
Video Control Box Back
Video Control Box Opened Flap
Video Control Box Contents
The gun with a rear light up display arrangement
A rear view of the gun with displays attached
Alternate view of the gun with displays attached in back
The displays lit up by battery powered LEDs
The Italian language catalog entry. Note the box and catalog show the blond figure.

I just love 70’s sci fi toys!

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