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Edison Toy Gun
Edison Toy Gun

Edison Giocattoli is best known for being a maker of toy guns. The company was started in the late 50’s and became successful based on the quality, and vast array of models, of their Western cap guns. In the 50’s and 60’s, kids played cowboys and indians, and the sharpest shooters on either side of the conflict sported an Italian made cap gun from EG.

They did make a number of other toys, including models and cars, but the toys that caught my eye was a Sci Fi themed line that included articulated action figures with a lot of interchangeable equipment and a corresponding line of toy guns called TH3 Project.

TH3 Catalog
TH3 Catalog

TH3 Project was released hot on the heals of the Sci Fi fever induced by Star Wars. The figures and accessories had more in common with the Mego heroes than Kenner’s diminutive figures, though, with joints at the ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists and necks. I know there is a story that goes along with the characters, but I have to admit a total lack of knowledge on the subject.

I didn’t actually have any of these toys as a kid, but a friend did, and I LOVED them. First of all, most of the characters were girls. And I’ve always liked girls. The figures all also had this great armor and masked helmets that, for me at least, were unique. I also loved all the cool accessories for the toys. The individual figures have their own equipment, but you could also buy more elaborate sets, like the Video Control or Black Genius that had wicked gun platforms for the figures to work and LED powered monitors that glowed. As much as I do truly love Micronauts and Star Wars, EG put together a pretty cool package.


To my knowledge, there were three female characters, a blond, Thur, a brunette, Tharos, and a black woman, Thitan. There were also two male characters, Black Genius, a dark skinned guy and the toy line’s villain, and Duke Thyron, a dark skinned guy with blond hair and the leader of TH3 Project. The Charlie to the TH3 Angels I suppose.

There were four playsets in the series. I believe Duke Thyron and Black Genius were only available as part of their respective full playsets. Thur, Tharos and Thitan seem to be randomly included in the Attack and Video Control playsets. The boxes are sealed, so you never know which figure is inside until you open it up. The Video Control playset actually includes all the pieces in the Attack set, with the addition of a bunch of electrical components.

Video Control
Video Control

As I mentioned, one of the neatest aspects of the TH3 Project toys is the led lights. The Video Control, Black Genius and Duky Thyron sets all included a power brick, lights and light up monitors. If you wanted more powered features, there was an Electrical Accessories set you could buy that added a Video Control, TV Camera, Radar, Electrical Base and Monitor to your TH3 accessories.

The line didn’t stop with figures though. True to the company’s mainstay, there was a full line of TH3 guns including the Tharos, Thur, Super Tharos, Super Thur and Super Thur LR. Check out this site for a great list of EG Sci Fi guns. There was also a TH3 utility belt and holster and a “Spacetronic Jacket.” I’ve also seen pictures of full kid sized helmets based on the figure helmets.

Black Genius Helmet
Black Genius Helmet

70’s Sci Fi has indelibly etched itself into my brain. Movies like Logan’s Run, Soylent Green, Omega Man, Damnation Alley, and, of course, Star Wars are the defining visuals of all things Sci Fi for me. As toys, TH3 Project does a better job or presenting that 70’s aesthetic than any other toy line I know.

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  1. Holy crap Rick, once again, you’ve solved a childhood mystery for me! I have been searching for these since 1979, since I encountered one in a toy store, but didn’t buy it, and had no idea what it was! – mh

  2. Hi! My name is Pippo, I’m italian, in the 80’s I usually played with this toys, I agree! Lines of these toys was unique for masks and weapons. I’ve got the Black Genius Helmet and The Black Genius Bow!

    Stored for 27 years!!! Know I’m 40 and I bought them in the far 1983. However if someone wants buy them can contact me. Excuse my bad english and Regards.

  3. Thanks Rick for posting this information.

    I was the only boy in my city in the early 1980s to have a complete Duke Thyron Set. All my friends loved the Blue-Gold Helmet.

  4. Hey guys, I feel like a real idiot. My brother and I had the whole set of kid size helmets when we were kids living in Georgia. Apparently a factory outlet mall got a shipment of them at the toy store and my brother and I played with and abused them until they fell apart or we busted the faceplates off and used the helmets for other stuff. Until their ultimate demise we had a great time with them and wondered the whole time “what the heck TH3 was?” We even made up costumes to go along with the name and crated a storyline. Glad to know the real story now.

  5. Hi My name is Felix

    I draw time machines, and I would like to make them in to cool Lamps and


    Any suggestions?

  6. I swear to god Rick but I thought I was dreaming this toy I know I had one of them can’t remember how I got it .very different concept with alll the Hereos being women

  7. I’m pretty sure that Thur and Thitan were males. Sure, they looked a bit hermaphroditic, especially Thitan with his lipstick, but a google search clearly shows that Tharos has a quite different, more obviously feminine chest design.
    Check Tharos here :
    And Thitan here :
    And you got the three of them side-by-side here, with a box illustration to boot, clearly depicting Thur as a Luke Skywalker type and Thitan as a rugged black dude :

    1. I’ve not seen the art at AstroGiochi before. I have the three toys. They are very clearly female as is the box art. I wonder if the art you pointed out was early production art before they’d settled on making them women? Very cool links. Thanks for posting them!

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