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Charlie’s Angels

Okay, these toys are probably intended for girls, but I had a huge crush on Kate Jackson and probably would have enjoyed a Charlie’s Angels <> Six Million Dollar Man nonetheless. 

Mattel Battlestar Galactica SDCC exhibit

SDCC15 is nearly upon us! So I am posting some photos of a Mattel exhibit from a few cons ago that was all Battlestar Galactica – and all vintage. Check out the Viper launcher in the lower left corner of the group shot!

Mork and Mindy Figure

For Easter, a tangentially related toy. More from Ork, the other Alien that came out of an egg. 

Bionic Woman Wrist Radio

Here’s one for the fans of female action heroes, myself included, a fully functional Bionic Woman wrist radio that can tune in your favorite AM radio stations. Back when it was released, you might have been able to find more than political talk radio to entertain the kids. Think about the fact it’s powered by an AA battery. This thing must be HUGE! But for Dick Tracy fans, it was as close as we were going to get to his awesome wrist wear prior to the release of the Apple Watch. 

Buck Rogers and Twiki Communicators

Sticking with the playset theme, I present a Buck Rogers and Twiki communicator. I really loved this show as a kid, but upon watching it as an adult, I was horrified to discover it was a misogynistic, poorly written, but of trash. I still feel quite a bit of nastalgia for it though. I loved the Star Fighters, the post-apocalyptic Earth, and all the planets they would visit. I no don’t would have enjoyed this set as a child. 

Space 1999 Utility Belt

Continuing with the 70’s era LARPing theme, I bring you the Space 1999 Utility Belt, complete with communicator, chronometer, and stunner disc gun. Space 1999 was really a terrible show, but the design of everything was stellar and Mattel, Dinky and Remco, in this case, did an incredible job of turning the visuals into toys.